Issue#1174: ipad 2 a1495: ipad 2 finger swipe not working

  • Why does ipad a1395 fails to set up and not respond to finger swipe?

    ⟐ Commented January 23, 2016 at 10:53 pm -0700

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  • Issue#1172: ipad 2 a1495: finger swipe not working

    Why does ipad a1395 fails to set up and not respond to finger swipe? I want to fix this myself ⟐ Commented January 23, 2016 at 11:03 pm -0700

  • Issue#275708: Why is my iPad Air 2 finger print scanner not working?

    I have a life proof fre and it does not allow me to use finger print scanner

  • Issue#789593: Unity - iPad four finger swipe shows a black screen when starting the drag

    Unity 5.3.4f1, Xcode 7.3 , iPad pro 9.1 and iPad mini 9.3.1 When using the four finger swipe to quickly switch apps on the iPad the app shows a black screen but only when starting the drag. After moving it goes back to displaying the game content. We checked other unity apps from the store, some seem to have this issue and some not. Tried all combinations of screen orientation and other xcode settings but couldnt find anything related to this. Anybody know how to resolve this issue ?

  • Issue#1003773: iPad Mini 2: The screen doesn't recognize my finger swipe

    Had an iPadmini in my backpack and it was damp at the bottom now when it turns on i can't swipe to unlock and if I do manage to do that it would randomly click all the apps then restart Also when I was opening the screen (first time I've ever opened an iPad mini. One of the sensors at the bottom (on the left side of the home button the one not connected to the glass) ripped. It was glued to the iPad not the screen

  • Issue#2596: iPad: My Ipad screen not working please help me?

    I dropped my ipad on the floor, but i have a jacket case for it. well, my screen turned to black but still there was a little light. In addition, i pressed on power button then i slid "power off" on the screen yet no showed on it . i remembered where its location. then, my screen turned yellow. so please help me?. ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 11:12 am -0700

  • Issue#7482: iPad Pro Screen Issue

    Hi guys, I just discovered a very annoying issue on my iPad Pro's screen: there is a spot in the upper area near isight camera (where the clock is displayed on the lock screen), which reacts with lcd pressure distortion even on lightest touch. With normal tap or stylus distortion gets very visible and annoying. I made some pictures and video, demonstrating that issue. @All iPad pro owners: can you confirm that on your devices or I... iPad Pro Screen Issue

  • Issue#10027: Slicers for the IPAD and IPhone aren't working.

    Is anyone having an issue where slicers don't work in the mobile app and more specifically on the IPAD and IPhone? Thanks

  • Issue#10607: Air print not working from HP photosmart 7520 on IPAD

    I'm having the same problem. I have a new Apple Time Capsule router, so I know it works with AirPrint.My 7520 was working with AirPrint awhile ago, but then suddenly stopped. I had to completely uninstall and reinstall everything to get it to work again.That lasted about 2-3 weeks, and now it suddenly stopped again. So frustrating. The printer can't even access WebServices now, which it did before. Every other device in my house is still accessing the wifi internet perfectly.So why does my printer keep losing the signal and having to be completely reset every month to start working again. This is ridiculous.

  • Issue#10832: iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415: After Screen/digitizer Replacement, the power button is not working.

    Hello all.. This is my first post, so kid gloves please. I did the research first before carrying out this task, ie making note of where cables are etc.... My ipad2 for some reason is not like the others for instance, the power cable (top right section) is not visable (I have pictures if needed) all other cables are where they should be. Now i've checked the cables and re-seated twice and tested the ipad2 and it all works apart from the power cable. Wifi good, sound up n down working, mute working, sleep/home button working. Now the ipad2 was off before I started and it never came on when i was removing the old screen. I had to plug the usb recharge cable in to find out that the power button was not working. I have discharged the battery, still not working. So is there someone out there that might give me any pointers as to what is going on? Do i have a faulty digitizer? any suggestions no matter how odd ball it may seem are welcome....yeah yeah No jokers. :)) ⟐ Commented J

  • Issue#15179: iPad Wi-Fi: Dropped iPad and now display is not working correctly.

    I dropped my iPad and now 1/2 the top half (when holding it with the button on the bottom) is black except for a few colored lines. What do I need to do/replace to fix it? ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 12:07 pm -0700

  • Issue#18569: iPad Pro Cellular Issue

    Hello All, I recently bought a Verizon iPad Pro Cellular 128gb. I activated it in my office where my Verizon iPhone 6 has full strength LTE. The iPad Pro however only has 2 bars. The iPhone 6 pulls 50mb down and 18mb up. The iPad pro pulls 25mb down and 1.5mb up. However, once I left work the iPhone and iPad both had the same LTE strength. I only drove about 10 minutes away but it was the same throughout. I'm curious what the problem could be. Do you think there is a hardware issue or just an interference issue possibly in my work area that's not affecting my phone? I'm on day 2 with the Pro so I can easily swap for another one if needed. Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Issue#21919: Muse - full width not working on ipad

    Hello, I'm testing my new website on various devices. On desktops it works well, but on an iPad i'm getting the full width elements displayed incorrectly. They look like this, with some strange grey area to the right of the page:  While it should look like this:  What could be wrong and how can I fix it? Thank you. Dmitry

  • Issue#36317: 2 finger swipe function not working

    Hi all, My 2 finger swipe function (to go back or forward on a webpage) is suddenly not working. I have checked my system preferences and the setting for it is definitely turned on. All other functionalities - 3 finger swipes and 2 finger scrolls work. Does anyone have any idea on what I should do? Thank you. Charissa

  • Issue#65117: Select input on iPad not working in third-party browsers in Slide Over or Split View

    Since the new multitasking features arrived with iOS 9 for the iPad, the times were exciting. Many new use cases for iPad arrived while running two apps side-by-side. But an error inside webview seems to find no attention, because it does not occur with Safari. 1. You run an app, Slide Over from right and choose a third-party browser like Chrome or Mercury. 2. Navigate to an website in chrome that uses a HTML select input field. Touch that html select box.... Select input on iPad not working in third-party browsers in Slide Over or Split View

  • Issue#75170: iPad Original: I dropped my iPad screen not working right

    I dropped my iPad original hitted the doornob screen not working right screen colors disorated.

  • Issue#79208: Unity - iPad 2 WiFi vs Cellular - Crash (Memory Issue)

    Hello, I'm in the process of optimising my App to run on iPad 2 (2nd Generation iPad). The main issue is memory performance, I used to get quite a bit of memory warnings on the iPad2 which would lead to a crash. However, after heavy optimisation it doesn't crashes at all now, and I only get the odd memory warning. Although... This is ONLY the case for iPad 2 WiFi only model. If I attempt to run this app on the Cellular model of the iPad 2, I get a lot more Memory warnings, and it crashes... iPad 2 WiFi vs Cellular - Crash (Memory Issue)

  • Issue#107575: iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415: Why is my ipad not working?

    It states on the screen 'ipad not backed up this ipad hasn't been backed up. Backups happen when this ipad is plugged in, locked and connected to wifi' I have done that and its still will not slide open. What should I do? Please help me. Thank you. ⟐ Answered February 12, 2016 at 6:01 am -0700

  • Issue#123589: How do I transfer I photos from iMac to iPad Air? Sync not working.

    Transferring photos from iMac to iPad air

  • Issue#127000: Why is my keyboard predictive is not working with my Ipad Pro

    Hi there I have a problem in writing with my ipad pro smart keyboard. The predicive is not available when I am typing using my Apple smart keybord and it will be activated once I disable the smart keybord. But if I turn the auto correction it will work normally. Please advice if any one else facing the same problem. Thanks

  • Issue#132310: iPad 3 Wi-Fi: Home Button - not working after replacing digitizer Ipad 3

    Hello, I recently changed my digitizer on my Ipad 3rd generation A1416. LCD and digitizer both work perfectly without any issues except for the home button. Here is what I noticed. When I am placing the digitizer on top of the LCD, and the home button touches the pins on the charging dock, the Ipad's screen turns on and if I press the power button it takes a screenshot. When the digitizer is pressed against the the Ipad's frame, home button does not work. I have checked the alignement of the home button, all seems in place. I am honestly lost here. Can't figure why would this happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Than you. This is not my first Do it yourself digitizer screen replacement. This is my third (after changing my daughters Ipad mini digitizers and thise are working great) oh and its the same reseller of digitizers. Regards, Alex ⟐ Answered February 16, 2016 at 9:30 pm -0700

  • Issue#132312: iPad Mini: iPad Mini Home Button Not Working After Digitizer Replacement

    Replaced an iPad Mini digitizer today and all seemed to be ok prior to putting the actual digitizer on. But after putting the digitizer back on, the home button does not work, or to be more accurate, it always thinks it's pressed. We tested the home button prior to putting the digitizer back on and it was working. For some reason the iPad thinks the home button is always depressed (if you press the power button, it takes a snapshot). Any ideas? ⟐ Answer edited February 16, 2016 at 9:08 pm -0700

  • Issue#132794: iPad transfer purchases has stopped working

    I just tried to sync my iPad Air 2 with the Mac (10.11.3) and it came up with this error View attachment 616880 This was when I tried transferring purchases from the iPad to the Mac. Disk Utility reports no problems (but I know it has limitations in EC). Any ideas?

  • Issue#133944: iPad Air: Backlight Not Working and Gets super Hot When Screen Is On

    After checking the backlight filters due to a different lighting issue, i put everything back together, the screen came on for just a second and then the backlight went completely out. Also, when i have the screen on i can feel the case right under the board getting very, very hot within a minute or so. As soon as I lock the screen it starts to cool down. I actually work for a 3rd party Apple repair place so I know what I'm doing, my boss just isn't here for me to ask today. Any and all help is highly appreciated.

  • Issue#135780: Skype - Skype notification sounds ON IPAD for Text Chat not working

    When someone types a text chat to me, there is no sound on my ipad notifying me.  I am signed in.  It does appear in my notifications but no sound.  I have sounds turned on.  I can hear my laptop chime upstairs when the "text" comes in, but no sound on the ipad.  How can I resolve this?

  • Issue#152569: Unity - iOS build for iPad not working

    Hi, I am completely new in unity development. I have this problem , the app which i have developed is not working if the build setting is of il2cpp. I am using with JSON deserialization, I use JsonFx, and if I set mono in backend I am able to proceed with initial few scene but later the app crash. But if I take build for android I have not issue Please help me how to fix to get the IOS build. if the unity build setting is of mono the the error message is : Message from debugger:... iOS build for iPad not working

  • Issue#152881: Ipad mini space Issue

    Hi everyone I possess an Ipad mini 2 16GB and It seems I have space Issue, here is my situation 1) Itunes says I use 72MB for pictures, 6.4GB of Apps and 1.77GB of Data and have 4.33 GB Free 2) My ipad from the Storage menu says I have 8.10 GB used (which comes the same as what itunes says) but the Ipad says I only have 3.60GB left (vs the 4.33 Itunes says) 3) If I manually add all the apps that take space from the storage menu in my Ipad it comes up to 4.9 GB used. Where did my space go... Ipad mini space Issue

  • Issue#155639: iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415: iPad 2 touch screen not working after digitizer replacement

    Hi, I have an iPad 2 which had a ed screen, so I went online and bought a replacement immediately. After the tear-down and replacement of the parts, I placed the screen on the device (without the adhesive) to test it before sticking it down. However the touch screen is completely unresponsive but all physical buttons work fine (home button, power, etc), So I wonder whether it's a faulty digitizer? This problem is very frustrating as the iPad clearly works because the LCD is on, it syncs with iTunes etc. but without the touch screen, which without it makes it useless! So I'm wondering what i could do next? Should I contact the company who supplied the new screen and request a replacement as I assume it's faulty OR should I assume that there is something else wrong on the iPad (ie logic board, faulty connector, etc!) Thanks for reading and hopefully someone has some advice or even a solution to my frustrating problem. ⟐ Commented February 20, 2016 at 6:20 pm -0700

  • Issue#158936: My alert noise is not working on my iPad Air

    My alert noise is. It working on my iPad Air

  • Issue#165860: iPad mini 4 screen auto brightness issue

    Anyone else's not happy how auto brightness work on iPad mini 4? It's either too dim or too bright, it changes way too aggressively so I have always to fiddle with settings to make it satisfactory to my eyes. On my old first gen iPad mini it worked perfectly.. Is there any way to fix this?