Issue#148: Sony - AC POWER ADAPTER

  • What is prodcut AC-T105 used for?

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  • Issue#132657: Sony - Broadcom 802.11 network adapter driver issue

    Hello, My Sony VAIO Model Number is: "SVF15218SGB" I am using Windows 10 - 64 bit, Recntly when my Windows 10 updated, My Wifi stop working and i get notication "broadcom 802.11 network adapter driver not support with Windows 10 " I really appericate that, if someone help me to fix this issue. Thanks

  • Issue#269198: Logitech - Sony w95c android tv power on issue in Watch TV activity

    Hello, I'm using Sony W95c android tv with Yamaha receiver, pioneer bluray, Apple tv4, set top box. I have setup harmony 650 - watch tv activity to power on tv, set top box& yamaha receiver. All except Sony android tv will switch on when I press Watch TV activity button. ( from a cold start from all power off from main supply) . When I press help , after two-three attempts, sony tv will switch on. This issue will repeat if I switch off the main power switch. But once I fix it with Help button, it will work fine until I switch off main power switch again. It's little cumbersome. Please advise 

  • Issue#484854: Logitech - Harmony 880 Power Issue with Sony XBR4

    Hi All If anyone can please help me or offer a suggestion on how to fix this. I have a Harmony 880 that used to work perfectly with all my devices.  I recently added a new activity and now I have an issue with my Sony XBR4 TV powering on. Everything is set up properly from what I can see, but there is an issue:When I press an any activity that uses the TV, all components turn on properly and all inputs are proper, but it turns on my Sony XBR4 on then immediately turns it off. It appears that it is sending an the PowerOff command to the TV thinking that it needs to be turned off.  Things I know:1) The TV device has the option "I want to turn off this device when it's not in use" 2) There is no HDMI-CEC enabled3) Help works perfectly if pressed after this 4) I have tried both Discrete PowerOFF/PowerOn and Power Toggle, same issue5) Changing activites works perfectly THE WEIRD THING:THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN IT IS THE FIRST ACTIVITY AFTER A F

  • Issue#816200: Playstation - Sony Blu-ray power adapter to ps1?

    My family member has a Blu-ray drive with a power supply that looks like it would fit the ps1. My question is. Would it be safe to use the sony DVD power supply to my PS1? The DVD player is a 12v, would it be safe to plug it in since the the ps1 adaptor takes 6 volts or would it short circuit or not work?

  • Issue#978932: Sony - VAIO VPCZ128GG power issue

    My VPCZ128GG shows no power indicator light and will not power up

  • Issue#1050227: Sony - Sony TV Power issue

    My Sony TV will not stay powered off.  I can turn it off and in a few seconds to a minute, it turns back on.What do I do?

  • Issue#1091216: Sony - when will Sony fess up to the power on and off issue on the NEX family cameras on the shutter

  • Issue#1094366: Sony - Sony MHC-GNZ77D MINI hi fi system power issue

    HELLO I having Sony MHC-GNZ77D Mini Hi Fi music system. When i turn on system, as expected Red power LED will on and its constant. After that when i am going to push that power button no any action will be happens. Red Power LED will be constant when power turn on. Need help what to do to start my music system.

  • Issue#1152451: Sony - Blue Ray sbd-s5500 power issue

    I have a BDP-S5500 bluray player that is only about a year old.  I cannot get it to power on with the unit power button or remote without first unplugging the HDMI cable and the plugging it back in once it powers on.  Once I've done that it works as it should.

  • Issue#139: Sony - No power or lights from my Vaio Fit 14 / Flip PC

    my laptop was working perfectly until this morning. tried to turn it on and nothing happened.. plugged it in to charger.. and nothing , no lights or anything. ive never had a battery issue or anything else. i used it 2 days ago last with no issue and powered down correctly. Any ideas or help? Vaio Fit 14 / Flip PCModel # SVF14N190X / SVF14NA1ELi7 256ssd I contacted sony support through chat but they told me was hardware issue and to go to best buy or risk opening the bottom myself. 

  • Issue#2417: Sony - A7 + LA-EA3 adapter Problem

    I'm having a problem trying to use a manual focus Sigma 21-35mm A-mount lens with an A7 and LA-EA3 adapter.  I wonder if someone who knows more than I do can help. I have 2 of these lenses, but the A7 only offers aperture control with one of them.  There are some differences to the backplates, as shown in my dropbox photos.  The photo are at : The titles tell which of the lenses is in each photo.Both lenses seem to work ok on a Minolta 7000 film camera, but I haven't actually taken any film photos. Neither of the lenses causes any error messages on either the A7 or the Minolta 7000. I have tried moving the operture actuating lever, and can clearly see that moving this does open and close the iris on both lenses. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • Issue#4043: HP - Unable to connect to internet (adapter issue)

    I've tried to troubleshoot it, it shows me the following.    Going to the device manager, gave me the following.  The main issue here is that, to download drivers I would need wifi/cable but it isn't recognising any of it. (Adapter which needs to be downloaded but I'm unable to, since I can't access internet in the first place.)Following is the data. Standard VGA Graphics AdapterPCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6840&SUBSYS_1895103C&REV_00PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6840&SUBSYS_1895103CPCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6840&CC_030000PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6840&CC_0300 Ethernet ControllerPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_1895103C&REV_0APCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_1895103CPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&CC_020000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&CC_0200 Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Installation Disk - 1E31PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_1895103C&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_1895103C

  • Issue#4428: HP - Power button issue for Compaq PC

    A friend of mine brought me a PC which has issue on the power button (Compaq Presario CQ3032L).He told me that his power supply was OK, and motherboard is also Ok, but the problem is the cable/wirewhich connect from motherboard to power button has split into pieces and we do not know exactly handwhere are we going to insert it. Please give me a hand to solve this issue. Thanks a lot.

  • Issue#5056: Sony - Locking EF adapter for CN-E lenses and wireless follow focus

    I have both the normal and speedbooster versions of the Metabones adapters for my FS7, but both of them are inappropriate for use with a wireless follow focus any my CN-E primes since the lens rotates in the adapter when you start to pull focus (using a DJI Focus which has a decent amount of torque). The whole image 'jerks' unless you start the focus pull very gently, which isn't always possible. PL mount would have been better, but I'm stuck with the EF mount CN-E lenses due to the investment and I do like the lens set, it's just the adapter that isn't suited to them. Are there any 'locking' EF mount adapters out there that will securely hold large EF mount lenses in place when using an electronic follow focus? I found this adapter from P+S Technik but having no experience with them I'm not sure if that adapter will solve the follow focus/adapter issue or not. If

  • Issue#5650: Sony Xperia Z Ultra: Sleep of Death -Power button Display Issues

    Support, I bought a Sony Xperia Z Ultra phone on 9th August through Flipkart (online stores) In India, and upgraded to build number- 14.1.B.1.510 on 30th August. After this upgrade the phone display started going on and off every 10 seconds. Then I power it off, since then I could not restart the phone. The phone is dead! I have pressed the power botton many times, but it was not fruitful. The battery was 100%, still I put it on charging, but it is not showing any charge light. I tried to connect to my computer, that too doesnt work. Is there any way I can power this phone ON again? I m in Lagos, Nigeria. I have contacted Sony centre, but they confirmed there is no Xperia service centre here. please help! Jay ⟐ Commented January 25, 2016 at 11:19 am -0700

  • Issue#6415: sony bravia kdl32bx300: sony kdl32bx300 no picture, no backlight, no audio just green power

    Hi, I have sony bravia kdl32bx300. No picture, no backlight, no audio, just green power light which blinks once every 30 sec with clicking sound. I have measured voltage on ps connector and main board connector and they are all ok except BL-ON, no voltage at all. I also noticed when green power light blinks all voltages drop down to zero and then rise again every time. Remote not responding. Is it PS board or main board problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Issue#6722: Television: sony kdl32bx300 no picture, no backlight, no audio just green power

    Hi, I have sony bravia kdl32bx300. No picture, no backlight, no audio, just green power light which blinks once every 30 sec with clicking sound. I have measured voltage on ps connector and main board connector and they are all ok except BL-ON, no voltage at all. I also noticed when green power light blinks all voltages drop down to zero and then rise again every time. Remote not responding. Is it PS board or main board problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated ⟐ Answered January 25, 2016 at 6:18 pm -0700

  • Issue#6998: Lenovo - 230W power adapter - it's huge!

    The 230W extra power adapter I ordered for the P50 came today, and... Wow. It's HUGE. Be warned if you're picking one up, especially if you're planning on using it on the go. It may be wiser to buy the 170W instead (same as comes with the laptop) rather than this more powerful one. 

  • Issue#7467: Sony - BDV-N9200W sound issue

    BDV-N9200W when switching back to to the home theatre system from another connection on the TV e.g. Apple TV or Aerial connection,  it makes a terrible load kind of electronic buzzing sound.  Do I need to change a setting on the home theatre system?

  • Issue#8002: HP Compaq Presario C700: Why is my power adapter overheating?

    My computer has been 'scammed' and I cannot access my documents/files.. message reads:the files have been protected by a strong encrypton with RSA-4096.. I understand thyat this scam has been operating for a few years.. What can i do ????

  • Issue#8375: Sony - Dav-tz140 USB issue

    Hi, I just bought DAV-TZ140 sound system, when i plug any usb containing movies, video it says no usb data. Kindly advise. Regards Murtaza

  • Issue#10324: HP - Spectre 360 Network Adapter Hang, Driver Power State Failure, Machine Hangs

    I have a brand new HP Spectre 360, Windows 10 Pro that was experiencing all of these issues: - Wireless Network Adaptor would hang every hour or so and I'd loose wireless connectivity.- When this happened, my machine would hang on restart, with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error.- Machine hung and restarted without warning several times a day.  All drivers were updated, as was my BIOS.  I called HP support and got the usual poor level of support: - Phone system irritates you and then hangs up on you.- Support techs don't understand American English.- Support techs are completely clueless, will always recommend a factory reset rather than troubleshooting a problem.  Anyways, I surfed Google, and finally found a solution that cleared all of the above problems: Right-mouse click networking icon in system tray and select "Open Network & Sharing Center." Click "change adaptor settings" link to the left of the Network and Sharing Center scr

  • Issue#10712: Need helps with Sony Reciever str-dh550 humming sound issue!

    Heya..i have here a brand new Sony Reciever str-dh550 and is making a disturbing humming sound in standby mode. Is position exactly where the prior sony reciever was which wasnt making any noise. I already tested the power cable, all A/V cables are fixed and again, is located exactly where the old reciever was. I'm wondering if any of you having this receiver or familiar with recievers are having issues like this, and if I have to change it while on warranty or can fix it without or i'll be stucked with a bugging device?

  • Issue#11498: Nexus 5: How to fix a Power Button Issue?

    As i press the power button once the phone shows the Turn off Mode. after 10 secs the phone restarts and continues until i hold the power button or press it for sometime. ⟐ Commented January 26, 2016 at 7:05 pm -0700

  • Issue#11735: Asus - Do all G751 models have the same power ac adapter? Need ac adapter for G751JM

    Hey there. I was wondering if all G751 model laptops share the same charger. I was able to pick up an open box Asus ROG g751jm-bhi7t25 laptop from best buy for 450$ but it did not come with an ac adapter. I want to make sure I buy an OEM replacement so I have been searching to find out which works best, but was not sure. I came across a post that said this is the OEM charger that I can buy, but I wanted to confirm that this is true. If not, can someone provide the part number (PN) for the g751jm-bhi7t25 laptop. Thanks!!

  • Issue#11860: HP - Elitepad 900 power issue

    I have had my Elitepad for some time but quit using it several months ago. Now I want to use it for business and the unit will not work unless plugged in. It works great when plugged in, but immediately dies if unplugs. Is it the battery or power module? Thanks in advance

  • Issue#13056: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Where does the loudspeaker get power from?

    I have replaced the frame + lcd on a z3 compact. I opened up the loudspeaker by accident but i did not damage but it doesn't work but I don't know what actually powers the speaker in the first place?

  • Issue#14001: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: No Power & Not Charging

    No Power & Not Charging ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 8:20 am -0700

  • Issue#21110: Graphics Power Cycling Issue

    I have an intermittent issue with my PC where sometimes, if I turn it on or reboot, nothing is displayed; no post, nothing. I haven't managed to find a common cause for this, though it happens less frequently when I boot to Windows, rather than Linux. There's no "Windows wasn't able to start" message when I button the PC and there's no startup sound so I assume that it's not actually loading the OS. I will need to verify this the next time it happens though, in case I'm not leaving it long... Graphics Power Cycling Issue