Issue#15: Tableau - Forward Slash in Quick Filter Title

  • Running Tableau 9.0 and Tableau Server 9.0.

    I have a quick filter that has a title with a slash in it: "ID / Name"

    It displays fine in Tableau Desktop, but when I publish it up to the server, it still displays fine but the tooltip displays "ID / Name"


    This is not an issue with Parameters or labels. As far as I've been able to tell, it's only how the Quick Filter titles get parsed on Tableau Server.


    How can I get the slash to display correctly in the quick filter tooltip?



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  • Issue#59964: Tableau - Not show Null Values in Quick filter for a dimension in secondary data source

    Hello, I am using two excels; one is primary data source (Employee-Issues) and other is secondary data source (Employee-Data). I have built a tableau worksheet using Employee-Issues and then created a relationship (data blending) with secondary data source using employee id field. However I here is a dimension called Country in secondary data source and I want to use it as a Quick Filter. The issues is that when I am using it as quick filter "Null" values show up and I am not finding a way to get rid of null values. P.S- tried creating set and then using calculated field. However, after creating set and calculated field I am not able to use that cal field in the filterI have also tried using IsNull in condition but it still shows upI have tried creating this formula:if ISNULL(ATTR([ClusterMapping (ClusterMapping)].[Cluster]))=FALSE thenATTR([ClusterMapping (ClusterMapping)].[Cluster])ENDbut it is throwing me an error: the "==" function can not be applied to table calculations

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    I'm happy (and sad) that I've been able recreate the following issue with the Super Store data.... Symptom When you deselect a member of the "City Name" quick filter in my sheet when the Expand or Collapse parameter is set to "Collapse", multiple other members are deselected from the quick filter, not removed from the viz, and then the only way to re-select the extra members is to select "(All)"  The detailsI have a Set on City to select the top "N" cities by the CNTD of OrderID's. The "N" is set by a parameter control for named "Top Cities"I have a calculation (City Group Label) that creates a custom label for these groups -IF [Top Cities By Transaction]     Then "Top Cities"     Else "All Others"ENDI have a parameter "Expand or Collapse" which gets used in...I have a calculation (City Name) that sets the city name to "Others" for all cities that are Out of the set.     If [Expand or Collapse]="Collapse"   

  • Issue#163647: Tableau - Quick filter

    PFA dashboard.I have segment column as quick filter.For the default view for dashboard, segment with 'consumer' value should not be shown.But there must be an option to select consumer from segment filter dropdown.Apart from excluding consumer value from quick filter for the default view,is there any other way to display the same?For e.g...if we exclude consumer value and filter is multiple value drop down list,(Multiple Value).  is shown.But I want it to be displayed as (All), i.e. along with consumer value(but the view should exclude consumer by default)The view should show consumer related records only when consumer is selected from filter dropdown. Thanks,Deepthi

  • Issue#170878: Tableau - Dynamic worksheet title based on action filter

    I have some sales data with sales type dimension: online and store. I created a horizontal filter sheet that filters a graph on a dashboard based on three choices: online, store, and total sales. Total sales is a parameter I created which is supposed to act like the (All) field. I have this parameter on the row section while the [Sales Type] dimension is on the column section. I want the sheet title for the bar graph to dynamically change based on the filter choice the user clicks. For example, if user clicks 'Total Sales' the worksheet title should be something like '2015 Total Sales Revenue'. If the users clicks 'Online', the worksheet should title should change to something like '2015 Online Sales Revenue'. If the user clicks 'Store', the worksheet title should change to something like '2015 Store Sales Revenue'. I can get the title to change if 'one of Store' or 'Online' is selected but if both are selected it shows as 'Online & Sales' but I want it to show as 'Total Sales'.

  • Issue#242783: Tableau - Dynamic title using action dashboard filter

    Hi, In my mapping dashboard, I created an action dashboard filter so that when I hover the selection, it generates the trend charts. However, I'm trying to make the title in the small trend filter dynamic based on the hover selection. It doesn't seem to work and displays as "null". I'm trying to make it dynamic based on country, state Could anyone shed some light? (Tableau 9.2 workbook attached).  Thanks,Albert

  • Issue#257245: Tableau - Highlight Filter causing issue with rank

    We have a landing page where a supplier is selected via a parmeter. This then highlights the supplier on the subsequent dashboards. When we add a rank via rank formula or index the supplie we originally chose displays as rank 1 even when they are not ranked 1st. How can this be updated so the selection is ranked correctly    

  • Issue#282138: Tableau - Dashboard title to replicate filter - single selection or All

    I want to have a title in the dashboard that will reflect the value selected in the filter.Here is the screenshot of the sample workbook:On the right side is a Single Select drop-down and the title in Blue reflects that selection. Except that I also want the title to show 'All' when All is selected from the drop-down.At the moment, the title us just a worksheet, but of course when you select 'All', then all of the values are displayed, I just want it to say 'All'.Is this possible?I have attached a sample workbook. Thanks

  • Issue#328183: Tableau - Why doesn't bar chart filtering impact the quick filter?

    I have a bar chart worksheet in my dashboard I'm using as a filter for other sheets withing the dashboard.  I also have a quick filter built into the bar chart.  When I click on one of the items in my bar chart to filter the other worksheets in the dashboard, it doesn't appear to affect the quick filter within the bar chart worksheet, the quick filter still says "all" rather than the item I've click on the bar chart.

  • Issue#414653: Tableau - How to filter different data source using quick filter or dynamic parameter

    Hi all, I want to ask about filtering across different data source.  Problem:Above is the example from my dummy data. I have 2 sheet, "Sheet A" and "Sheet B". I need to filter both of them using "Company name" dimension. But because they came from different data source then I thought to use parameter at the first time. But, the weakness of parameter is we cannot show the list of dimension that available to certain "City", for short parameter cannot be dynamic as we use "Only relevant values" in quick filters. Because my data source contain thousand of Company Name, i think it will be strange if we show the client thousand of option, also parameter doesn't have "search" function as quick filters does. Any idea how it would be better? Expected result:I want to show list of company only for the choosen city, but the filters affected both of sheets. Thanks Randy

  • Issue#417063: Tableau - Action filter is not playing well with quick filters - have to re-select a county each tim

    Hello, I have a dashboard with two maps and a data table, and several quick filters - all from the same data source.  I am using the maps as an action filter to limit data in the table, and I have three quick filters that filter data in the maps as well as the table.  It works as intended upon initial selection - choosing a county in either map limits the table to only the agencies in that county, and the maps and table reflect only the data based on the three quick filters.   I want the county selection from a map to "hold" so the user can cycle through as many of the quick filter options as they desire before choosing a new county.  Instead, as soon as a different option is chosen from any of the three quick filters, the county selection goes away and all counties are enabled again.   All three quick filters are applied to all worksheets on the dashboard. I've read many help articles, blogs, community posts, the Desktop manual, etc. and ca

  • Issue#486676: Tableau - User filter issue

    Hello, I am facing issues with user filters.Can you please help me resolve the issue.  User filters are being created using "Account" Dimensions.   We have 5 user on tableau server, out of which "two users" have access to all the accounts and rest three users have restricted access and can access few accounts only.    When new accounts are added , these accounts doesn't come part of the user filter automatically. It needs to be manually selected every time.  Can you please let me know who to handle the above issue.Thank you

  • Issue#493353: Tableau - Overwrite/Change the value in URL filter by changing the Quick filter

    I have 2 dashboards. Dashboard A and Dashboard B. They both are different workbooks and are published separately, but they both show information regarding "Program".For users they can either directly go to Dashboard B or navigate from Dashboard A by selecting a program. Dashboard B has a "Program" Quick filter. When I navigate to Dashboard B from Dashboard A by selecting "Program A". The Dashboard B shows data correctly but when I change the Quick filter to some other program it shows a blank report, because the URL filter still shows "Program A".I am not sure if this is a recent issue but this was working sometime earlier. Is there a way to make it work? i need to overwrite the Quick filter value in URL . I am using Tableau Desktop 9.1 and Tableau Server 9.1.

  • Issue#502283: Tableau - Filter Values display on Title

    I need to display all the selected filter values on the tile. Please see the screen print. Can anyone has done before this?

  • Issue#524275: Tableau - Two Quick Filters. Setting one to (All) when the other quick filter has a value selected.

    I have 2 dimensions: Manager and Region.   I have "Show Quick Filter" on both dimensions on the worksheet.  What I want to achieve is if a user selects a Manager from the drop down list, the Region will be defaulted or set to (All).  Or, vice-versa.  Select a Region and Manager is set to (All).Is there a way to do the setting of values in quick filters? I am using Tableau 9.0 Thank you very much.Oscar

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    Hi All, Could any one please suggest me how to achieve search option for parameter and get relevant values . Thanks

  • Issue#572856: Tableau - Discussion on Measure as A Quick Filter instead of Slider

    I have Column name Called 'Line Value' which is a Measure,i would like to use it as a Quick filter instead of Slider i want A Multiple Selection Filters,and the multiple selction Should be Of Range From"0-10M,10M to 20M, up to 500 M and caluculation should be based on Sum(Line Value).i have written A calculation as Below str(if sum([Line Value])< 10000000 then '0-10m'elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'1') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'19') then '10-20M' elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'2') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'29') then '20-30M' elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'3') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'39') then '30-40M' elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'4') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'49') then '40-50M' elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'5') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'59') then '50-60M' elseif STARTSWITH(str(sum([Line Value])),'6') or  STARTSWITH(str(sum([L

  • Issue#617287: Tableau - Show work sheet with the values selected from the quick filter + others

    Hi All, I need your help in one scenario.... It's a wierd requirement/scenario.....  I have to show the report with quick filter with ALL as a default one. When I deselect All and chose any few servers should show the selected servers plus the other ones as Others like we do it in sets. Any idea how to do this? ..I was trying it ...but not succeeded so far. Can someone here take the sample super store data, Use product name , sales in to rows shelf andHave the product name as quick filter and try this ...its like Top N+ others. But i need to show selected Product names (quick filter) + others Can any one help me on this please .. Jonathan Drummey, Andy Kriebel Adam McCannPooja GandhiAllan WalkerChris LoveJoshua MilliganMark JacksonMatt LuttonNelson Davis

  • Issue#664226: Tableau - Dynamic Quick Filter with Date Range

    Hi, I have a question. I would like to set a quick filter on my data, with the default date range going for the past 12 months... However, I would like for it to be a slider, so the customer can still select different ranges of dates. The dates are only in the format of month and year (January 2015, February 2015 etc.) I would like for the slider to display the last 12 months dynamically by default -- May 2015 to April 2016, but the customer can still move the slider around to select their own date.So next month, the slider would default to June 2015 to May 2016 and so on...Is this possible to do, without having to republish every month? Thank you for your help .

  • Issue#668418: Tableau - How can we sync Quick filter and Parameter values?

    So I have one parameter values which calculates the Miles and I have one quick filter which calculates the radius.  Example Miles (5,10,15,20) - Acting as ParameterRadius to draw circle on Map (5,10,15,20)  - Acting as quick Filter Now if the user selects a value 5  from quick filter it should also select the parameter as 5 miles as value. Could anyone give me the logic for it, how to achieve it.?

  • Issue#826185: Tableau - Top 15 and another filter as quick filter in one chart

    Hi I need to show graph to interact with two filters  one is Top 15 Names  and another filter as quick filter in one chart. Top 15 filter is based on Name by sum(Total)another filter i can select any value even they are not in the top15. I have attached packaged workbook. Im using Tableau 8.3.  Appreciate your help on this. Thanks,Sridhar

  • Issue#879187: Tableau - Show/Hide Message on Dashboard Based on Quick Filter Selection

    Apologies if this has been answered. I've searched the forums for a couple hours with no luck. I would like a message to appear on certain sheets on my dashboard if the number records for a certain view falls below a threshold, based on a quick filter selection. For example, I would like a message in red to pop up and say "Note: The n < 10 for the chart", if a user selects "Small companies" but not to appear if "Large companies" is selected. I'm thinking the best way to do this is to create that title for some unused sheet, and the show/hide it based on the selection. I could hardcode those and ignore the need for the "<10" calculation. But I'm struggling with how to show/hide based on the quick filter. I've seen examples on these forums about how to do these based on action filters, i.e. clicking on something, but I want it to happen automatically. Thanks so much for your help!

  • Issue#900296: Tableau - How to display some text message when no value in quick filter is selected

    Hi Everyone, In dashboard I have quick filter on "Material".. When no value for material is selected,  I need to display text message like "Please select value from the drop down" .I am trying to implement this using multiple worksheets and using concept of switching between sheets on the dashboard. But problem is I am not able to apply any condition on quick filter (calculation on quick filter) for criteria to have data in worksheet one at a time. Please help if anybody knows any other work around for this requirement .  Thanks,Rekha

  • Issue#1037800: Tableau - syncing quick filter with dashboard filter action

    I am trying to implement syncing quick filter with dashboard filter action - Syncing a Quick Filter with a Dashboard Filter Action | Tableau Software Issue is - my MAP view is built using 'GPS Latitude' & 'GPS Longitude' which plots the stores on MAP. Quick Filter is 'Store Name'.  On click of a 'Store GPS cordinates' on the MAP I want to sync the 'Store Name' quick filter. I dont have 'Store Name' on the MAP View(map view is built using GPS coordinates of store) so when I create the dashboard action on 'Store Name' it says 'Store Name' missing on MAP View. Where do I place/add the 'Store Name' on MAP view for syncing quick filter with dashboard. Hope I am making sense?

  • Issue#1042004: Tableau - Current Year - 1 - show sales as bar side by side based on quick filter

    I have a Quick Filter - 'Report Year' = [2013,2014,2015,2016] from on a field in table from data source. I am displaying it in descending order and its a single value drop down. [Sales] is another field from database. So when you load the filter the default value will be '2016' What I want is if its '2016' then I want to show sales for '2016' current year and '2015' (current-1) as  side by side bar chart. If the user changes the filter to select '2015' then I want to show sales for '2015' current year and '2014' (current-1) as  side by side bar chart. Attached is sample twbx with some data.

  • Issue#1066118: Tableau - Why is the Y-Axis Title Disappearing Based on a Filter

    I have a very simple stacked bar viz. (see image #1).  When I remove one of the Dimension values via the filter, the Y-axis title disappears (see image #2).   Toggling the Severity NA value always makes the Y-axis title appear/disappear, but toggling any of the other Severity codes doesn't impact the Y-axis title.  The NA value is simply one of the (string) values in the data; it's not a null value or anything out of the ordinary.  I can't think of any reason why this would happen.  Unfortunately I can't post a twbx file with this problem due to security and confidentiality concerns. I've tried replicating the problem with very simple test data but was unable to do so. Does anyone has any suggestions as to what might trigger this behavior? 

  • Issue#1093551: Tableau - Passing a quick filter value into a custom sql

    Hi All, I have to create 2 dashboards where in each use a separate data source derived using a custom sql. The first dashboard as 2 quick filter options and the selected values in these 2 quick filters needs to be passed in a Where clause for the second datasource.Kindly guide me on how to achieve the same. 

  • Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

  • Issue#38: Tableau - Iterative Printing / PDF Creation Using Filter or Parameter

    Not having this has made life miserable this week. We need to have the ability to iteratively print a dashboard or view based on stepping through values in a filter or parameter. This would resolve scenarios where you want to be able to easily print (or PDF) several copies of the same dashboard / view with different content. In my scenario, I have a dashboard that can be filtered by hospital. In order to create a printable PDF for our CEO, I have to create/maintain 5 versions of the same dashboard (one for each hospital). If I could iteratively print, I would just set the iteration on the facility field and only maintain 1 dashboard. P.S. Iterative subscriptions would also be a positive. You could even allow the remembered views to be used as the iteration field.

  • Issue#71: Tableau - Need some help with the filter option

    Dear Tableau community,  I'm working on a dashboard to present the great possibilities Tableau has to offer.I was wondering when you use the filter option instead of deleting the data you are filtering out, if you could keep the value and just make it a particular colour.So basically what im asking is if you can use the filter option to give particular value a other colour. If its not possible is there a other way of doing this?Further i would like it to do it for a range of values just like in the filter option. Kind regards,Bo