Issue#150: Sony - Manual focusing with a remote controller

  • I'd like to know if there is a possibility to use manual focusing (and zoomin) using some kind of USB of IR remote.
    I'd like to make videos (on my A6000) where I put my camera on a tripod to be stable, and use some kind of remote to slowly re-focus the frame (or even zoom) without touching the camera, so the image keeps stable.
    What tools and settings do I need to make this kind of video capture possible?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#10177: Sony - The remote that came with my KDL-40R453C isn't like the one in the manual. Which is correct?

    In the manual, there's a 'sleep' button on the remote but there isn't one on mine. Whole thing looks quite different.

  • Issue#95282: Sony - Issue Using Sideview App as a controller for Android TV(W800C)

    Using Sideview App as a controller for my Android TV(W800C),  " controller Connected" or "controller disconnected”  notification is frequently shown on TV screen even when I am not using the Sideview App.

  • Issue#469384: Sony - Issue with Remote control (RMT-TX100U) in 55X850C

    Hi,I am experiencing an issue with remote control RMT-TX100U that comes with 55X850C 4K TV. While using the remote, it stips responding in between. I then have to wait for around 10 seconds to see the remote working again.Has anyone experienced this issue?Thanks,Gurpreet

  • Issue#844720: Sony - Where can I download instruction manual for STRA-ZA5000ES and remote?

    I need an answer NOW.

  • Issue#914191: Sony - rmbr300 remote controller

    I'm using 2 BRC 300 cameras and a RMBR 300 Remote Control unit. The camera closest to me (#1) is assigned to camera button 1 and the camera (#2) at the end of the chain is assigned to camera button 2 on the remote controller. Is there any way to reassign cameras to camera buttons. I would like to make camera #2 appear on the camera button 1.Thanks, Claude

  • Issue#1037181: Sony - AX53 - Is there aANY way to retain manual settings when using Play Memories to remote control

    AX53 - Is there ANY way to retain manual settings when using Play Memories to remote control? Suchas white balance and exposure control? When switching to smartphone control not only does it switch to all auto it does not give any control to change exposure, white balance etc, just record or stop!I just bought this camera and am getting frustrated. If I cant control it thru wifi I will have to return this beautiful camera that will not serve my purpose.

  • Issue#1088375: Sony - HT CT380 soundbar - remote controller not connecting to the soundbar

    Been using the soundbar for over a year without a problem. Now, the remote controller has decided to stop working with the soundbar. The remote controller is still emitting IR signals (checked it with a camera) when a button is pressed. However the soundbar is unresposive to it. Unable to reset the soundbar to factory settings without the remote control working. The soundbar can be manually turned on/off with the physical buttons and works as usual though. Any help please?

  • Issue#1142582: Sony - STR-DN1060 Remote Controller

    Why amplifier did not respond to the remote control. Requires a power take-off.

  • Issue#501: Sony - BDP-BX350 PS3 PS3 Dual Shock Controller Help

    Hello all- I'm trying to utalize my Sony streaming divices PS3 capability and I can't get the system to recognize my controller.  I (now) know that I can only use a wired controller so here's question #1 of 3:  Can the controller be a modern, wireless version that is simply connected through a USB cable to the streamer (which I have-model # CECHZC2U) OR Question 2 of 3) Am I only able to use a hard-wired (non-wireless) controller (which I do not have).   Question 3 of 3)  If I CAN use a modern wireless controller through a USB cable, please help me understand what I am doing wrong to get it to work.  Thanks so much!!   WMF    

  • Issue#559: Playstation - Playstation 4 controller (DS4) light bar issue

    Aside from everything else woking in perfect condition, the light bar is turned off completely at any circumstances, except it lights up when it is placed on PowerA charging station but only a litte bit and off without having it charged. It charges with USB althought no light bar. "Resetting the controller" using the reset button at the back all seem not to get it back on. Is it because of the latest update? Would anybody have a solution to such a light bar issue?

  • Issue#3275: Sony - Remote control not in box

    I just purchased a ht-ct770 sound bar and the remote control was not in the box.  The salesman at the store suggested contacting you for a replacement.  Is it possible to get a remote control? Thank-you!

  • Issue#4056: Sony - RM-AX1400 universal remote USB driver

    Does anyone know a workaround to use the computer programming software on a 64bit system?   All I can find online is 3bit for XP or older.  Is my $150 remote a paperweight now?

  • Issue#6544: Sony str-dh710 remote

    Hello all. I'm looking for the cheapest universal remote that will operate all functions of this avr. Just the cheapest that will work. I've searched but have only found remotes being shipped from china. Certainly cannot afford more than than about 15 bux lol. This is my first avr and should hold me over til I can afford something more modern. Any info much appreciated

  • Issue#7467: Sony - BDV-N9200W sound issue

    BDV-N9200W when switching back to to the home theatre system from another connection on the TV e.g. Apple TV or Aerial connection,  it makes a terrible load kind of electronic buzzing sound.  Do I need to change a setting on the home theatre system?

  • Issue#8375: Sony - Dav-tz140 USB issue

    Hi, I just bought DAV-TZ140 sound system, when i plug any usb containing movies, video it says no usb data. Kindly advise. Regards Murtaza

  • Issue#8376: Sony - 70's TA-70 amplifier manual

    Recently bought and old and used TA-70 amplifier. Can't find manual and speciffications anywere. Seached everywere online and nothing. Can you help me?

  • Issue#10712: Need helps with Sony Reciever str-dh550 humming sound issue!

    Heya..i have here a brand new Sony Reciever str-dh550 and is making a disturbing humming sound in standby mode. Is position exactly where the prior sony reciever was which wasnt making any noise. I already tested the power cable, all A/V cables are fixed and again, is located exactly where the old reciever was. I'm wondering if any of you having this receiver or familiar with recievers are having issues like this, and if I have to change it while on warranty or can fix it without or i'll be stucked with a bugging device?

  • Issue#14122: Sony - How can I get the TV remote to control the cable box?

    I have a bravia kdl 55w800c, I want to use the TV remote to control the tv and cable box, the TV did not come with IR blasters so I got some Sony blasters, the TV does nothing when I plug them into a usb port, I can't find anything in the settings for setting up the blasters, do I need a smart stick to make them work? Thanks for any info, It's haed to believe in 2016 it is so difficult to be able to use ONE remote with a "smart" TV.

  • Issue#15742: Sony - how do I channel scan using my remote KDL40Z4100. Wow cable says no signal.

    How do I channel scan using my sony remote KDL40Z4100.  I have no TV picture or sound.Wow cable says: no signal on each channel.  Channel 105 has audio. 

  • Issue#16074: Sony - channel scan with my sony remote

    I have no wow picture.  It says no signal.Wow says use channel scan.They say press Menu.My bravia remote lists home with menu below.Home does nothing but bring up the channel I am tuned to.

  • Issue#16530: Logitech - I have a Harmony one remote and am truing to sync up to new Sony Bravia smart tv. The rem

    I have paired the new Sony remote with the Harmony One, but the harmony lacks some of the keys that are on the Sony remote.The harmony remote is controlling on/off, volume and cable box functions only. I need to find out how to make it control the smart tv functions................. The other devices used for this activity are cable box,and Onkyo reciever. 

  • Issue#26416: Remote Site Alerts Issue

    Hello All,I am having an issue where the remote site alerts will not stop coming into my email feed. I have unchecked the "check my remote Sites for a connection every ___" and "Send a notification when Site availability changes" checkboxes on the Remote Sites & Agents setting screen on both the central server and the Remote Site. I am getting email alerts every 15 minutes that it is down (It isn't) and then back up (it has been up the whole time).1st question is: If I wanted to stop the alerts altogether, how do I do that as the checkboxes in the settings page seem to have ZERO effect?2nd question is: Why the heck is it connected to the remote site but keeps saying it is down when it obviously isn't. I can look at the Remote Sites on the central server 5 seconds after the alert comes through and see it has communicated with the site...

  • Issue#26518: Sony - HDR AS200V(R) : can't switch on cause of trigger issue

    Hi All,    After one month of normal use of this HDR AS200V, I can't switch it on by pushing the I/O button (on the rear).This button actuates a tiny lever pushing a micro switch (on internal face, in plastic) and I suppose this lever becoming more & more weak unabled to push the internal micro switch.Has anyone met this issue ?Is Sony aware of this malfunction ?Thanks for your help.Best regards,Catcla

  • Issue#31781: Sony - Descrete IR codes for this remote control available RMYD034

    Sony Smart TV - --  Descrete IR Codes for this remote control is available for this remote - - - -RMYD034

  • Issue#31833: Sony Game Console Accessory: PS3 controller wont turn on or do anything!

    I woke up this morning and my ps3 controller isnt working. it was working last night and charging all night long...there seemed to be something sticky on it (no idea what it might be)...i took the controller apart and cleaned it, and the sticky stuff only seemed to be on the buttons, not into the mother board...i tried resetting it and changing the battery and it still wont work...ive fixed small issues on ps3 controllers many times before but this one i cant seem to figure out. i was wondering if anyone knows exactly which part of the motherboard or other parts in the controller that make the power turn on? i was also thinking that it may be the PS button, but i dont know what inside the controller makes the PS button work any advice would be helpful! thanx ⟐ Answered January 30, 2016 at 5:06 am -0700

  • Issue#34335: Sony 4k X85 C 55inch Refresh rate issue

    Ok I am a huge gamer using a XBOX ONE and have 1 big issue with this TV. IT is the refresh rate issues with gaming. Now any game running 60 frames runs smooth as butter on the tv however any game running 30 frames or lower looks like crap with juddering and the graphics doubling when you spin. Now I am able to fix the issue somewhat by using motionflow however the graphics get horrible artifacting. So my question is this Am I able to somehow able to go into a secret setting and change the refresh rate to 1080p/30hz (ive read that people have done this) cause that would fix the issue or what else can I do? I am new to this type TV ive always had a older 1080p 30hz TV's. So any tips here would be so great! Thanks everyone!

  • Issue#35490: Sony - ATT Uverse remote control Sony XBR-55X810C

    I am unable to find a code that will make my AT&T Uverse remote turn my Sony Sony XBR-55X810C on and off and control the volume.  Please help!  I have used every code listed for Sony in the user guide listed here:

  • Issue#36242: Recommendation for bedroom, coming from Sony ht 150 sound bar

    have a klipsch reference series ii 7.1 setup in the living room, which is our main watching area. Our bedroom has a Sony ht 150 sound bar, and my parents have my OLD Onkyo HTIB setup as just a 2.1. That onkyo receiver just went out, so I'm looking to replace my bedroom Sony bar with something better, and give the sony to my parents. Looking for hdmi inputs, under 200 dollars if I can, and minimalistic really.. Just hoping for it to be an upgrade from the Sony. Still not sure if soundbar is the best choice or maybe an HTIB. Wireless system would be ideal if it has more than 2 speakers. Wife was saying she would prefer small satellites. Lots of ideas in my head, just trying to gage the market. Thanks for the help!

  • Issue#37648: Sony - Can I buy a replacement remote control for my dvd/bluray player

    I got a bluray player for christmas and my dog chewed the remote. I need a new remote. Where do I get a new one?