Issue#1623: Lenovo - Lenovo 80e508q2ih wi fi problem

  • Lenovo 80e508q2ih not detecting wi fi connections with windows 8.1.


    I am confused that the model above listed has wi fi connection facilities or not. How to check ?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#512818: Lenovo - Y700 15ISK - Power related issues, Hibernation problem, Power up issue

    Hello, I have purchased the Lenovo Y700 15ISK but it has few issues1. When i turn it on, the power and keyboard light appears and suddently it shutdown and upon hitting the power button again turns the laptop on. Please help me how can i solve this issue.2. The laptop doesn't hibernate although i have turned on windows hibernate option. Upon hibernate, the blank screen appears, no hibernation processing even before closing. Please help me solve these power related issues.


    Guys,I have recently noticed that Moto G 4 plus does not support file transfer to USB devices via can only copy a file in the usb and paste it to ur device internal storage...It was a very big issue for me....because I need to transfer files from the phone into the pendrive very often...... I have searched many websites for any available solution...There are many so called solution in internet..but nothing actually could resolve this issue... But after several attempts I have found a solution....So here it is for u guys who want to enjoy the full functionality of USB ON THE GO... Just download SOLID FILE EXPLORER AND SOLID FILE EXPLORER USB PLUG IN...... And install them...Then u can find the USB DEVICE along with internal storage in the sidebar....just click on the usb device and Grant access to the usb device...and that s all........ u can now enjoy the full functionality of USB ON THE GO.... UNFORTUNATELY BOTH THE APK ARE to be purchased from google play store...but hey...

  • Issue#1116238: Lenovo - Rename user folder issue after battery threshold problem

    I just bought a new P50 , but after I lost my ability to operate the battery threshold (after I tried to set it), I did system restore. I named my computer and the account the same things as before when it was done. However, in the user folder, there was one named with just my name, for now, lets say Jason (i originally had my account name C:\Users\Jason. I also named it Jason when I restored it). It had all the old files, including ones that were listed on its desktop folder but weren't actually currently on the desktop. But there was also a new one called C:\Users\Jason.LAPTOP-8CBAIQSU. I deleted C:\Users\Jason because it took up a ton of storage, but now, my user folder has a name I can't remember in case I need to use it. Anyone here know how to fix this? Also, when I deleted it, it claimed there were system files in it, but I deleted even those anyway, and I've not had any problems with the PC (altho getting CodeBlocks to work took a while). Did I delete the ri

  • Issue#127: Lenovo - G50-45 USB Root Hub (xHCI) problem

    unknown deviceUSB\ROOT_HUB30&VID1022&PID7814&REV0011 USB ControllerPCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7808&SUBSYS_380117AA&REV_39 USB ControllerPCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7808&SUBSYS_380117AA&REV_39  OS: Win8.1 64-bitall updates installed seems that Microsoft nor AMD could help me with this ?anyone here can ?

  • Issue#1359: Lenovo - problem with vibe UI 3.1

    hello, I have a problem with my lenovo K3 rating:I am French and I did the update to 6.0 but we do not have the playstore.can I reinstal the android 5.0? if you can help me please! ( is "Vibe UI 2.5")

  • Issue#1360: Lenovo - Lenovo Z570 Mainboard Problem

    Hello; When i try to change harddrive, i forgot to remove battery and screwdriver touched to part on the mainboard. There was spark. I have redlighted the part on the mainboard. Could you check and tell me what is the name of that part? Here is the link of the picture.

  • Issue#1933: Lenovo - lenovo p1m volume setting issue

    I face a lot of problem with my lenovo vibe p1m mobile when ever i plug in or plug out my headphones the volume for calls and messeges is decreasing to lower volume again if i set to maximum volume and the time when i plug in or plugging  out my headphones the volume is again reduced to low setting.. Please help me with this issue if this is a software issue for all mobiles i request you to please fix this bug......Thank you in advance....

  • Issue#2423: Lenovo - Thinkpad Yoga 15 Graphic Card issue (geforce 840m)

    I hope somebody can help me with this problem I have with my Thinkpad Yoga 15 (20DQ001KUS).I have upgraded it to windows 10 and all was running fine in the beginning but now I received ‘the blue screen’ all the time and  the computer does not restart normally after it. If I disable the Nvidia Geforce 840M graphic card (and just use the Intel HD graphics 5500) I don’t receive the errors. I have tried already many things with updating and rolling back drivers for the Geforce card. But it keeps giving problems. All other drivers are also up to date…. Thank you very much in advance! I have received the following error messages on the windows 10 blue screen:video_scheduler_internal_errorDPC_watchdog_violationvideo_management_internalvideo_DXGKRNL_fatal_errorAnd here are the results of the diagnostic scan (I also performed the separate motherboard diagnostic scan and it passed fully): ========================================================== Lenovo Solution

  • Issue#3490: Lenovo - Contact manager problem p1a42 vibe p1

    I am facing some issues with contract manager1.when use sim card to save contacts in Arabic it only save 8 digits .it workes smoothly till first restart then contact show only 8 Arabic digits2.Numbers get dublicted in one contact3. Very slow in call log to update last call4.looking froward implement option to limit search in spasfic account I/o search all accounts ,-contacts to search -

  • Issue#4291: Lenovo - Carbon X1 fingerprint sign in problem after Windows 10 and Windows Hello

    My Carbon X1 20bt is experiencing major problems with finger print reader and Windows 10. Everything was working fine with Windows 8.1 and the Lenovo software. After upgrading to 10, the Lenovo software was automatically deleted I guess because Windows 10 fully supports sign in with fingerprint. When I read my print in to Windows HELLo, it NEVER recognizes it when signing in. I have read it in to the system multiple times, but have never succeeded to log in with it. This problem has been existing for some time, but yesterday I was doing maintenance to my friends x240 and noticed her reader work without enabling Windows Hello. She didn’t have the pin installed for Hello and the reader worked just fine. On my X1, I have to put in the pin number to Hello or the whole reader is disabled. There was fingerprint reader driver update coming to x240 which I didn’t instal naturally. I tried to instal the 8.1 drivers back, but was unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciate

  • Issue#4549: Lenovo - W510 Fan issue

    Hi, I got myself a used W510 around half a year ago.For around 2-3 months now, the fan has been making a rattling noise whenever in use. It was somewhat quiet and didn't seem to affect temps or anything, but regardless I ordered a new fan from China around a week ago. The real issue is, a few days ago my laptop started giving me a fan error message whenever I tried to boot it. I try to take good care of my laptop, so I've cleaned it from dust regularly, so that can't be the issue. Now when I try to start up my laptop, it beeps twice, displays a "fan error" message, and shuts down again by itself. I've always gotten my laptop to start though, eventually, after trying to blow in the fan, or shaking my laptop slightly. It's become more and more difficult to get my laptop to launch, though, which is a real issue because I cannot work without my laptop, and shipping the fan from China will take 2-3 weeks at least. Is there any temporary solution I could try to get my laptop f

  • Issue#5459: Lenovo - Facing problem of downloading images and mobile broadcast

    Plz help me I am not to download image from site even from WhatsApp and its continue mobile broadcast enable even desable too

  • Issue#6237: Lenovo - y40 70 .78ghz bios issue

    I'm trying to find out if anyone knows when/if lenovo is planning to get a bios update out out for these laptops to address the processor stuck at .78ghz while running on battery proglem. It appears to be an identical issue that the Z510 guys have been fighting with in this 40 page long post. I have confirmed it appears to be a very similar issue as throttlestop will resolve the issue when checking the 'prochot' checkbox, but this is not a viable/safe long term solution to the problem. If we can't get this issue resolve, i'm going to have several dozen of these laptops we are going to scrap and replace and I'm really not wanting to have to do that.

  • Issue#6240: Lenovo - IX2 Printer problem after update (

         Hi,      I'm having problems with my IX2 after the last update (jan/2016 - v4.1.202.33573).      I've always used my IX2 as printer server for my Samsung ML-1665, but since the last update it stoped working. The printer get instaled in the IX2, the printers tab inside IX2's software shows the printer installed, but if I send a print job it won't print, windows send it to spooler spooler send it to IX2, but nothing happens.     If I send a print job the printers tab in IX2's software gets stucked and you can't acess it anymore, the other tabs works fine. To get acess to that tab again you have to restart IX2.          I've removed the drivers on my desktop, and removed my printer cable and uninstalled it from printers tab on IX2 software, restarted it all and installed again. Problem persist.      I've tested the printer conected directly to my desktop,

  • Issue#6776: Lenovo v470 - Intel Graphics Drivers Issue

    I'm having display issues with my v470 laptop when I install Intel Graphics drivers. After few mins of using the laptop, the display gets distorted and locks up the laptop. I have to power off the laptop every time. I tried installing the Intel Onbroad Graphics drivers that's available from Lenovo's website. I also try install the latest Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers from Intel website. I ran memtest successfully without any errors.  The odd part is whenever I uninstall the Intel Graphics drivers the issue goes away.  This is how the display looks - Specs: i5 2410M8 gigs RAMWin 7 Ultimate x64 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Issue#7805: Lenovo - l412 sleep issue??? please help!

    i have a thinkpad L412 core i3, 6gb, 320gb wd black win 7 pro my laptop has begun to develope a slight issue, the system is still working great and still sleeps, and wakes up but i am having an issue with itwhen it is going into sleep mode. this has happened twice in 4 days, when the laptop goes into sleep mode the power and sleep light flashes about 10 times and the fan powers up to full speed, after about 10 flashes the system finally sleeps. for a little help understanding what is going on, this l412, and both x series thinkpads i have do the same thing when windows 10 is installed, but in windows 10 it also does this when you shutdown, not only in sleep like the issue im having. maybe the hdd is not ready to sleep when it gets the command? i dunno so i have had this laptop for a few months, and it came with a 160 wd blue, on 12/31 i installed the 320gb wd black i would say its a bit older than the original and seems that it may be starting to show its age.. 

  • Issue#7932: Lenovo - Dolby Advanced Audio v2 guides and Bluetooth issue

    Hello LenovoI have a Lenovo G780 laptop.Can you make a guide to me how to solve the Dolby Advanced Audio v2 issue (it won't start when I upgrade to W8.1 from W8 and W10Home from W8.1) for both W8.1 and W10Home? That would be great. I have searced the forum but I can't find a solution that works.Also when I upgrade to W8.1 from W8 Bluetooth doesn't work. Shall I install the W8.1 Bluetooth driver for Lenovo G780 in or how can I solve it?Lars

  • Issue#8000: Lenovo - Hanging problem

    After updating with new lollipop version hanging problem increased. when using 4G internet service. 4G service not utilize properly.

  • Issue#8417: Lenovo - K4 Note bluetooth connection issue

    Hi, I brought K4 Note fone from Amazon 2-3 days back. I am getting problem is while opening my bluetooth it is not detecting my jabra sports pulse wireless ear fone which is very depressing..Previously i have google nexus 4 with me and my jabra earfone works fine with that device and also with other fones as well but this K4 note not even detect it ..Please suggest me how to make feasible for my headset ... ThanksMithlesh Dwivedi

  • Issue#9404: Lenovo - K4 Heating Issue

    Hi Team, I have bought K4 from the flash sale @ amazon.Its observed that the K4 is getting heated rapidly while using Browser for internet or while playing online games.This occurs within a time period of 5 MINS!!!!! I have monitored the temperature:when phone is idle case - the temp of CPU is at 26 - 30 degree Cel. Whereas while playing games or using browser - the temperature raises eaily to 45-50 degree cel in minutes.Due to this the area around the Top speaker gets heated rapidly. Could some one help me with the same on how the temperature can be maintained minimal or suggest whether the phone is faulty or its a known issue. Thanks

  • Issue#9890: Lenovo - T400 Windows 10 Upgrade Problem

    I am running Windows 7 Pro and am trying to upgrade to Windows 10 on my Lenovo T400. About halfway through the Windows 10 installation, the T400 restarts after displaying the error message DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. After several restarts, WIndows 7 boots back up. When I check Windows Update it says the WIndows 10 install failed and shows error code. C1900101-40017.  I've updated the graphics card driver and verified that the BIOS is up to date with the Lenovo utility. Any ideas about what might be causing these error messages?

  • Issue#11126: Lenovo - Y50-70 Display Issue

    Hi, Purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 on Black Friday and still waiting for their business partner in the UK, Digital River to sort out the issue since 19 December 2015. When booting up the laptop or when initially brought out of hibernation, the display flashes an image and then goes black (with backlight). This has rendered the laptop unusable unless using HDMI to connect to an external monitor but this does not allow me to view BIOS settings or anything outside of the Lenovo boot up screen briefly or Windows before it flickers to black. Having googled and looked on various forums, I've tried the following to no avail: Upgrading to Windows 10 (it had 8.1 pre loaded)Upgrading the integrated Intel HD and NVIDIA video graphics driversFlashing the BIOS to 3.03Full resetI was wondering if anyone from the community or Lenovo were aware of any other fixes available? My frustration is that they don't appear to stock the model I have any longer and those of comparable spec is subs

  • Issue#11254: Lenovo - X130e problem

    I updated my Lenovo thinkpad X130e to windows 10 and now I have no wireless connectivity so I searched for the wireless driver on the Lenovo website and there is no driver for the laptop for windows 10

  • Issue#12263: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe p1m WiFi problem

    I tried to turn off wifi many times but My phone WiFi keeps turning on and on...even after reboot. Software problem?

  • Issue#12616: Lenovo - Lenovo P780 gps problem

    Hi,I am facing problem when using the app Waze. The error message is "No GPS, Show approximate location" dispite having turn on high accuracy.Any help to rectify this issue is much appreciate.Thank you.

  • Issue#13160: Lenovo - [TPT2] Microsoft Edge graphical issue

    Microsoft Edge (surprisingly) seems to be the smoothest browser on my Thinkpad Tablet 2, however, I have a graphical issue seen in this screenshot. Here, I have two tabs open, but the entire tab bar is grey, making it quite hard to use.Any ideas about how to fix this?

  • Issue#13389: Lenovo - Lenovo P70 Battery and Touch Issue.

    Hello,I am new in this forum, the main reason to join this forum is my lenovo p70 touch and battery issue, actually the phone is accidently drops from my hands and after this thing, my phone battery timing going down(drain very fast)and after 2 to 3 days its touch not working from the bottom of screen, i was bought this phone form an Pakistan largest online shopping store with 1 year official local warranty but unfortunately the warranty has expired so i can't claim its warranty.If any body knows the offcial service & repair centre of Lenovo OR any other good repairing centre so please let me know.i don't want to waste my time to going any local mobile market for its reapiring becuase they are non experienced.

  • Issue#14344: Lenovo - bluetooth problem with Flex 2-14D bluetooth speaker keeps going silent for a second every 30 seconds or so. It didn't do it when i upgraded to windows 10 but now its back as i've gone back to windows 8. Any ideas why this is? Thanks.

  • Issue#14523: Lenovo - ThinkPad 11e Microphone Problem

    Hello all, Recently purchased an 11e and it's great for what I need it for. Anyways fired up Skype to talk to some friends and basically, the microphone does not pick up any sound and when it does, it les and pops (from what my friends said) albeit at very low volume. They said that the sound is extremely low too with their volume at max. I have the latest drivers and when I try to setup Cortana the input volume just shows up on the red bar meaning it is not good enough to setup. Am I missing something here? The microphone is the little hole next to the camera light yes? Windows 10 Pro and it's a 20D9 version. Thanks