Issue#191: Playstation - 'Freshman Creator' Trophy Won't Unlock On PS4.

  • Today, I aced every single level in the popit academy. When I was looking at my trophies, I noticed that the 'Freshman Creator' trophy is still locked. I replayed all of the levels in term 1(Without Dying) to get the trophy. But, it didn't work. Next, I deleted my popit academy progress and replayed all of the term 1 levels again (Without Dying). It still didn't work. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#2050: Playstation - PS4 startup issue

    Hello. I purchased my Ps4 system on Black Friday of 2015 and didnt have any issues out of it for the first two weeks. Then one day I powered the system on and a static grey image appeared and flashed on and off the screen. After that the screen went black for a few seconds then the proper image of the ps4 log in page appeared. Since the first inncodent I stated; the system has done it about 6 more times since then. I  just wanted to post this and see if anybody else has had the same issue before and found a fix for it?   Thank you! 

  • Issue#3234: Playstation - My ps4 blew up and won't turned on


  • Issue#3771: Playstation - PS4 screen won't show up through hdmi cord

    I have tried 3 different hdmi cords and it still will not show up just says no connection.

  • Issue#5305: Playstation - screen brightness issue on new ps4

    Hello,Just got  a PS4 and I'm noticing that when the console first comes on, the screen is bright, but then it dims down very dark. It is not my TV, because when I go back to TV or my other ports, the brightness returns to normal. I have tried: 1. Resetting to default settings2. going through the screen and video sections in Accessibility. Still have the issue and can't understand why. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

  • Issue#16796: Playstation - PS4 update issue v3.15 needs to be installed everyday

    My ps4 console already updated to v3.15 of the system software and add part of it I had an error and had to install the version 3.15 through usb.Ayer proceeding according to Sony instruction I was able to make my ps4 work BUT now every time I leave it in rest mode it goes back to the installing error and I have to reinstall the software again.Please help me, I'm really going crazy about reinstalling every time and losing all my saved games and downloaded games

  • Issue#18251: Playstation - PS4 Won't turn on after 6 months...

    Is there any idea on what I can do at this point? I bought this PS4 in the summer. Date of manufacture is april or may 2015. It won't turn on. no beep, no light, no nothing. and my madden disk is still in there   My wife does not have the receipt. I have not tried to do warranty service at frys electronics (where i bought it) or at sony.  Do I have to buy a new power supply or something? How can i fix this unit?

  • Issue#33766: Playstation - Ps4 won't power on

    My PS4 locked up and I had to power unplug the power from the device, now I cannot get the PS4 to stay on.  It turns on, the blue light comes on for a second and then power back off.

  • Issue#34052: Playstation - Ps4 power supply issue .

    Not looking to send into PlayStation for repairs. I saw on a video what the duration of the beeps mean . Mine ended up matching a power supply issue . I know what I need to buy to repair it myself . I was wondering if it can also be the cord I'm using for my ps4 or if it's something else that I can try before buying a new power supply .

  • Issue#36170: Playstation - BO3 won't load for ps4

    Have a ps4 destiny edition. BO3 won't load past the opening screen. Gets stuck there and haven't been able to get it to work yet. Have destiny and it works fine. Both are hard copies. Tried to initialize from usb, still no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Issue#37408: Playstation - PS4 won't let me activate as primary

    This has been happening for about a month it won't let me activate it and i think someone has my account becasue i read the forms and they said someone either has your account or your ps4 is not working.

  • Issue#40918: Playstation - ps4 media player issue

    When I try to watch videos on the Web through my system it says I need an update. Yet, I have the newest update installed on the ps4.

  • Issue#41409: PlayStation 4: My ps4 won't start up?

    I bought a ps4 second hand for Christmas got my husband this year. However it won't turn on. I push the power button and a beep and a Blue light comes on for a second and then it dies. I'm not sure what I can do? ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 11:54 pm -0700

  • Issue#41757: Playstation - LBP3 on PS4: Hot Air Kaboom won't open.

    I've completed both of the marble quests in Book Three: Bunkum Lagoon.The swoop temple has two marbles for eyes and the wings have opened up.As I understand it, the door for Hot Air Kaboom should open up when I approach it on the top of the east tower.When I get up there... nothing happens. Is this a known glitch?Is there anything I should try doing to help the program "find the otherside" of what I believe to be a glitch?Is there simply something else I need to complete for the door to open up? Thank you in advance for any advice to help me continue down the story path.

  • Issue#43433: Playstation - Deactivate PS4 Issue

      Hi, so I went online to my account page via Sony's website, [] in order to deactivate my old PS4, so I could activate my new one, but when I try to 'Deactivate all devices', I get a message saying :   "You have deactivated your devices recently and cannot use this feature at this time."   I haven't deactivated anything recently, and can't deactivate anything now, and I was wondering if I could get any help to deactivate my old PS4?   Thanks

  • Issue#46199: PlayStation 4: PS4 won't turn on (No light or Beep)

    I have had my PlayStation4 since release and just recently it started to give me issues. The PS4 is connected to a working power socket and plug in correctly, however I can't get the PS4 to respond (turn on) in anyway. It won't turn on at all, I get no light or beep like others have. The PS4 won't turn on for the Controller or Disk input. Noting out of the norm changed so I don't understand what would have caused this. No falls, no power outages, no over heating. Any ideas? can this even be fixed? ⟐ Commented February 1, 2016 at 5:19 pm -0700

  • Issue#49819: Playstation - Level Cap Trophy issue - after recent update

    The Blacklight 2.14 update is amazing! However, how is it possible to get the reach top level cap after this update? Now.

  • Issue#51470: Playstation - Drake's Fortune, PS4, Chapter 15 (On the Trail of the Treasure), brutal completion won

    I have completed most of the chapters of Drake's Fortune on brutal difficulty,  but for chapter 15 (On the Trail of the Treasure), it stills shows that I have only beaten it on crushing difficulty, and it won't show "Completed on Brutal," even though I have beaten it at least four times on brutal difficulty.  Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, found a solution?  I would like to eventually get the Charted! - Brutal trophy for Drake's Fortune, but I don't see how it is possible until I can get credit for completing chapter 15 on brutal difficulty.

  • Issue#51673: Playstation - Ps4 controller won't sync with the system

    Ever since I got my ps4, I was never able to connect my controllers by plugging them in to the system. I always had to connect them as bluetooth devices. If I tried using a cord, they would just keep blinking but nothing would happen. Did anyone else have this problem? I got my ps4 a couple years ago but I've had that problem ever since I got it.

  • Issue#54243: Playstation - PS4 Controller won't charge

    I've veiwed other controller help forums, and tried many different solutions from taking apart the controller (tried this with an old one, broken and gone now), to turning off the playstation, plugging it in and turning it back on. If anyone has any other possible solutions, I'm pretty much ready to try anything.

  • Issue#58919: Playstation - PS4 won't let me play online Error Code: NP-34924-2

    Error Code: NP-34924-2 I recently got a new web browser and once I did my PS4 won't connect to online games please help

  • Issue#58930: Playstation - New issue with Blops 3 on PS4

    Was playing some Nightmare zombie mode last night 2 player split screen, kept getting this weird issue. More then half the time when restarting a section of the game we would get an error and player 2's screen would just be blank/black. I was player 1 and had no issues and could see player two standing there helpless as zombies ran towards us, lol. Player 2 could still move around but had no visual information, just a black screen. So I would die and when the section restarted player 2 would get their vision back about half the time. Why does this game have soo many bugs? Playing the 4 player coop zombies (With Heather Graham aka Graham zombies) with 4 players local coop leads to massive frame drops to what feels like single digits far too frequently.  Any time some action would occur the game becomes almost completely unplayable for a few seconds at a time. To save time just know all the rest of the issues I have had with this game are in Graham

  • Issue#59258: Playstation - PS4 won't turn on

    I've had my Ps4 for about a year and a half and never had any issues before this. It just shut of while using YouTube and won't turn back on. It beeps once, the light flashes blue, and then it turns off. I tried using different power sources and attempting to boot safe mode but it still won't turn on. I can find plenty of peole with the same problem but can't find a single solution. Because it's past warranty, the only thing I can seem to do is pay $160 to get it fixed by Sony. I don't have that money, especially not if this is gonna happen again in a year. Anyone have a solution to this?

  • Issue#61813: Playstation - PS4 Friends list won't refresh

    I can't see/join my friends on home screen and games like gta 5 and cod bo3.. why? Pls help ASAP. thank you

  • Issue#62624: [PS4] Whirlwind of Death Trophy won't appear

    No matter how many multi-finishers I do it refusing to appear. I got almost all other trophies (apart 5000 smashed objects). It's really frustrating. Is it a bugged save game? Anyone had similar problem on PS4? Thanks for response M

  • Issue#65298: Playstation - Ps4 red light issue

    My ps4's blue light just turned red and my ps4 turns off. Is there anything I can do to fix it or is my ps4 dead?

  • Issue#66903: Playstation - Just bought game from phone and ps4 won't download?

    I'm new to the ps4 and just bought madden 16 from the PlayStation store on my phone and now it won't let me download it? Please help

  • Issue#71886: Playstation - PS4 Friends list won't load

    My ps4's friends list will not load and I cant join or create parties either. I have tried resetting the database, updating, and it says that my connection is fine. I can play online games but it will kick me off every five minutes but wont sign me out of Psn. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks and everything works perfectly fine on my Ps3. Also I am a regestered Ps Plus user and have 6 months unil I have to get it renewed. If anyone could help me fix this it would be very appreciated.    

  • Issue#71982: Playstation - Ps4 issue

    Okay so, basically.. The first time i ran Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 on my ps4, my little cousin removed the disc as i was playing it. I started the game back up, and about 10 minutes into the game, i would get a screen with an error saying the game data was corrupted. I immediately went to go exchange the game for a new copy, hoping it'd be as easy as that but no luck. new copy of the game and the issue still remained. So i put my ps4 into safe mode and selected the rebuild database option because i read online about people with similar issues and it worked for them. So, i gave it a try and no luck. But a week or two later, i ran the game and for about two months i ws able to play it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. now again recently i have been unable to even make it to the start screen before it gives me the same message and ejects the disc. I have done the rebuild database thing again and i even went as far as to choose option 6 in the safe mode menu, which is to initialize

  • Issue#72320: Playstation - bought a ps4 from someone they just rested it and the controller won't connect to the

    the start up won't let me press the ps button like it will just be there and it is connected I used 2 usbs