Issue#739: Radio Control - windows 10

  • I have an HP pavillion all in one and running windows 8.1 Running Pheonix R/C version 5.5j Keep getting info to update to windows 10. Can I run my version of Pheonix in windows 10?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#901: Radio Control - Park zone Sport Cub aileron issue

    Park zone Sport Cub First flight ended with a crash, bent prop, ed nose cowl Replaced parts Getting airplane ready for my second flight with it and I noticed that the right aileron is a few degrees down with the stick centered. Any ideas? And yes, I'm new at this. And yes I've thoroughly checked out all the transmitter settings,servos,links,horns, clevises, etc.. Thanks guys for any advice

  • Issue#1923: Radio Control - SW capacitor/ librepilot issue HELP!!

    Hi all, I have a problem.. My Eachine landed from about a metre flat on its belly and the SW capacitor came off, and one off the connecting pins broke so I replaced with a 470uf 25v from maplin.. LibrePilot takes longer than usual to choose the FC in wizard then on setting the motor start points that SW motor runs seemingly slower and rattly, then on saving the wizard settings it gets to preparing mixer settings and crashes there. That's about as much info as I have as I'm new to this and only had my Eachine 2 days Thanks in advance

  • Issue#3839: Radio Control - SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw Range issue

    Hi! i am very new to Quad flying and am having a little trouble with my FPV Setup, i purchased the Quanum V2,, and the Quanum Nova quad, been having heeps of fun flying but when i tried to get the goggles to work i was getting less than 15m without the no signal warning, i have the Transmitter mounted inside the quad with the antenna poking out between the two front rotors, ( i can post a pick if you need) is there something interrupting the signal because of this mounting point? when i am next to the drone the signal is clear as day without much static at all, any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!!!

  • Issue#8246: Radio Control - Uncontrollable Yaw Issue

    I have an F330 clone frame that has an Openpilot CC3D FC, HK 25/30a ESC's and Propdrive 28-26s 1200kv motors. I hooked it up to the Openpilot GCS and went through the FC and transmitter configuration steps. The problem is that after arming and taking off, it wants to continually yaw left and kind of bounce up and down making it hard to control. I checked most settings and everything looks fine including the motor RPM speed sliders as well as I completed the ESC calibration and double checked that the props are on correctly. I also looked on my Turnigy 9xr controller settings and it looks like it is correct. I am not sure what to do next. This is not my first quad but I am clueless what to do next. Everything is new with the exception of the ESC's and motors. Thanks! John

  • Issue#11626: Radio Control - Issue with TDisaster

    Just wanted to get the word out- I bought a battery from TDisaster. He was extremely responsive on the day I pm'ed him about buying the battery and was quick to take my money, but all but disappeared afterwards. Payment sent on 1-11-16. About a week after I sent payment, 1-17-16, I sent him a PM asking for the tracking info because I should have received the battery by then. A couple days went by then he said that he was too busy and didn't get it out but that he would do so shortly. That was a week and a half ago and I still have no battery and he hasn't replied to a PM in ~four days. It's now 1-26-16 and still no battery or response. Here is the original FS thread I'll update if I hear anything or if there ends up being a positive resolution. Just wanted to get the word out since he has some other stuff for sale too. EDIT: And now his PM box is full.

  • Issue#11927: Radio Control - SkyRC Quattro B6AC issue

    This is the second SkyRC Quattro B6AC I have and both seem to have the same issue. One of the four charging circuits has given up the ghost. This one pictured the top right gave up and the second the bottom right. I emailed SkyRC and of course no response to 2 emails for customer service. I opened up the unit itself in hope it was four separate charging circuits boards and I could find a replacement or combine for one functioning charger. Question is anyone had this issue with this brand or Hitech they are identical in every way. If so were you able to trouble shoot the problem? Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#12861: Radio Control - Walkera qr x3560 pro gps issue

    Hi Guys... Greetings from Barcelona.. i am new on this forum and i hope you can help me out with this issue. I've got a walkera qr x350 pro since few months already with over 30 hrs flight and never had an ssue till last week when my GPS started having some problems of connections. I followed all procedure as usual but after callibration, the gps light didn't start blinking as it used to do in the past so i could not fly on gps mode. I opened but everything seems ok might be the antenna or something else? I would need your advices whenever possible Many thanks in advance

  • Issue#17569: Radio Control - Android HOTT Viewer App Issue

    Hi guys. Has anyone else experienced the issue of Rx and Tx Reciever signal data not being shown using the HOTT Viewer App on a Samsung Galaxy 3 ? Any ideas? Attachment 8646219 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#26371: Radio Control - FTDI Adapter issue?

    Hi, I am having weird issue with my silabs ftdi adapter with windows 10. First, I have the driver installed. I have been reading around seeing that FTDI has installed an update in windows that bricks any (knock off) FTDI chips. Is this a result of it? Background, I had Windows 10 pro since it first released. I have flashed a minimosd or two within that time with this same FTDI adapter with no issues. I recently cleaned my desktop with a fresh install of Windows 10 pro. Anyone know what or why this is happened? Thank you. (note I saw a few videos of Arduinos getting bricked as well. Could something have happened to where I bricked this?

  • Issue#28097: Radio Control - Power issue

    Hello, New here and just trying to get into a multirotor hobby, so I purchased the LS 128 Sky Hunter. Flew it for a bit, crashed the heck out of it, but it is pretty durable...and now have a quick issue. When I full power it, it remains at about half power and it doesn't come off the ground, but...when I yawl it right at full power, it goes to full power...yawling left full power does nothing. So 2 of the motors are engaging full power (yawl right) and 2 are not. I have made no modifications to it. Sounds like there is a disconnect somewhere, but I am not sure where to begin. I took the unit entirely apart and all wires seem to be connected. Anybody have any ideas?? Thanks

  • Issue#30476: Radio Control - Quad drops out of the air, suspect Emax 1806 2300kv de-synch or motor issue?

    Hi All, I was hoping some quadcopter experts could help me diagnose a quadcopter issue. I have a ZMR250 quad (had about 1 month) with naze32 FC, 4x DYS BL20A ESC and 4x Emax 1806 2280KV motors. The issue i'm having is that the quad sometimes just drops out of the air! I can fly for a while then it just drops out of the sky, once it occurs it seems to re-occur more frequently. When it occurs the motor does not feel hot. I don't think its a power delivery issue, it flys ok for a while till the issue occuers, all motors connect to the same power distribution board and the connections are good, if it was a power issue I think other motors/ESCs would have the issue too. I'm using 1300mAH 45C battery which should be fine. This has been happening for a few weeks now or at least more frequently over the past few weeks. Trouble shooting I have tried: 1) Checked all connections 2) Initially I would stop the motors to prevent damage when it crashed. I searched for possible issue and I think it

  • Issue#32224: Radio Control - windows phone as FPV screen

    Hi guys.. Have an old Lumia 920 that I want to use as a screen in home made goggle for fpv. Someone here can help me out with an app to use the phone for this?

  • Issue#33094: Radio Control - DX 9 Issue

    I want people that own the DX 9 Transmitter to know of a problem I have found when trying to set gain values for your Aircraft. My example is what happens when trying to set gain values in Servo Setup. The setup is as follows. Flight Mode Setup Aux 2, 3 position switch for my Gyro Go to Servo Setup and stay in Travel. Go to AX2 and set your gain value to 15 for the top value and 20 for the lower value. Flip the switch and notice that even though it is calling out Mode 1, 2 and 3 both top and bottom values show as selected and will both change at the same time. You might have to go a little lower with the values for this to happen but non the less it will happen. Once this happens you will not be able to set flight mode 3 and both upper and lower values will be selected and will change without you knowing (assuming your looking at your plane while flying and setting the gain without looking) In short you might think you flipped your gyro off to land only to find out that the g

  • Issue#35645: Radio Control - fatshark teleporters v3 viewing issue

    I have a fatshark teleporter v3 rtf system,no matter how i place the googles on my face,theres always a blurred image .....heres why. It seem like the lenses are too close together,or my eyes are too far apart. If i shift googles left,left lens is clear,right is blurry and vise versa. Is there a way to resolve this? Has anyone sucessfully moved the lens,or lcd over slightly to correct this issue? If i mod it,move just the lenes over slightly.....would the focus be altered? Im only needing to move each lens about 1/8 further away from center. But i would hate to ruin a nice pair of googles.

  • Issue#35652: Radio Control - delta ray issue

    just got a delta ray,but it will only fly in safe mode,will not fly in intermediate or expert mode,when I switch to these modes it turns to the left and nosedives,panic button works but when released in these modes,crashes,any ideas? :confused:

  • Issue#35946: Radio Control - Mission Planner on Windows 10 Tablet?

    Has anyone tried running the Ardupilot Mission Planner on a Windows 10 "2in1 tablet" like the one below? -K

  • Issue#39522: Radio Control - Tarot Retract issue

    Having issue with Tarot retracts on latest build. One leg only travels half way when wired up to LG controller. Plugged into either side produces same results. Figured it was the leg. But seems to work fine when powered directly and bypassing controller. If the problem is the control unit, why no issue with other leg? Is this fixable / tune-able? Adjusting endpoints / travel in TX does nothing. Or should I roll the dice an order new controller? Any input is appreciated.

  • Issue#43047: Radio Control - Field PC... Dell Inspiron Mini Windows 7 Home Premium $145 Shipped

    I have a Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop PC that I will be selling here, very good condition and a fresh load of Windows 7 Home Premium. Intel Atom Processor 1.67GHz 2GB Ram Memory 250GB Hard Drive 3 USB Ports VGA out to your monitor or TV Wireless Network card Wired Network card Audio Jacks for Speakers and a Mic Web Cam built in lid SD Card Reader Good Battery, holds a good charge Battery Charger Dimensions 10.5" x 7.5" x 1.25 System is in good shape with no major scratches or dings. Screen is bright and does not have any problems or scratches. All ports work properly, network card connects to wired networks and wireless has good range to find wireless networks nearby. Not built for gamers in mind but it works great for a field PC to make changes to your FBL controller software or setup that ESC and make easy changes right at the field. I loaded Castle Link software and connected to make sure everything works as advertised. Shipped to your Lower 48 USA Doorstep for Just

  • Issue#48386: Radio Control - X8R Range Issue

    I am aware that this topic has been raised in several different forums but after hours of reading I still do not have a clear picture of how to resolve it in my particular case. I have X8Rs in several fixed wing aircraft bound to a Taranis 9X Plus transmitter running OpenTX in D16 mode, all of which meet range tests comfortably and fly with plenty of operating range. I also have an X8R in a small quad which I first flew bound to an XJT module in a Turnigy 9X running Er9x, again in D16 mode. It did not take long for me to realise that the quad had a serious range problem, with complete loss of normal signal at about 60-70 metres. I first thought that this was due antenna setup but more careful orientation yielded no improvement. At that point I started researching X8R range issues on the internet and found lots of questions but no clear answers. Most of the discussion was around the Taranis/X8R combination. Out of curiosity I switched transmitters over to the Taranis with no notic

  • Issue#55767: Radio Control - Dji Lightbridge and WooKong-M issue on Evo S800

    Hi, I am desperate for help with connecting the Lightbridge to the WooKong-M on the Evo S800 using Futaba radios, we originally used the AVL58 transmitters but have swapped it out for the DJI Lightbridge, we cannot find any information on how to connect everything together, we can connect to the HD GH4 Gimbal ok but when we connect the Lightbridge Bus cable to the X2 port on the WooKong-M, we have a major problem, the motors startup right away!!! Very dangerous, can you help us with a diagram or detailed description on how to connect the DJI Lightbridge with the WooKong-M flight controller please we need to be flying again as soon as possible. Do we need special settings on the Futaba 14SG radio? can you help us to solve the instant motor startup issue? Thanks in advance. First time posting!

  • Issue#56486: Radio Control - member issue

    Member's tag line isn't all that nice: I'm fine with an anti-fan club, but profanity in the tag line is uncool for RCG. Apparently member just yesterday took offence to a "delete post" notice from a year or so ago when I scrubbed a pile of trolling posts out of this thread after it became sticky: Subsequently he's sent me some less than cool PM's. would be cool if the PM's stopped, but I can ignore them. The tag line above needs to change though. Cheers, Arron

  • Issue#58544: Radio Control - Ftdi releases windows update driver that is breaking people's stuff... Again!

    FTDI Heads-UP: FTDI RELEASES WINDOWS UPDATE DRIVER THAT IS BREAKING PEOPLE'S STUFF... AGAIN! Why do you care? Because pretty much every hobbyist micro-computer (Like those in our FCs, ESCs and OSDs) connects to our PCs via the chips these drivers use, or a similar chip from another manufacturer. FTDI is the largest manufacturer of the least expensive versions of these chips, and, as a result, also the most counterfeited product. Maybe it's time to just say NO! to FTDI... start using other brands of USB-RS232 converters. mnem If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!!

  • Issue#62754: Radio Control - Turnigy 9x strange yaw issue

    Hello all, I'm flying for a while now an have 2 quadcopters. Both are awersome and flying great...but sometimes a quadcopter turn to the left or right without knowing what is was. Well I'm rebuilding 1 quadcopter and saw something in cleanflight that I don't like. In cleacflight under receivers I have set every stick in the middle and all are 1500, sounds good right. But after connecting/disconnecting a few times my YAW goes to 1470 or 1530...that's why my quadcopters turn to left or right. After calibrating my Turnigy 9x al is back to 1500 but after a while the same problem is there :(. I have a FrSKY DJT module in my Turnigy 9x. Can someone help me's driving me crazy :(

  • Issue#66921: Radio Control - Help with weird print issue.

    Weird 'top' layers on models recently. Take a look. Not sure if it is a slicer problem, or a issue with extrusion? Any help is appreciated. Flashforge clone with makerware for slicer. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#70576: Radio Control - Hovering Issue

    I just got a storm racing drone type A and I'm having issues hovering. When trying to hover it is going up and down bouncing off the floor. when i keep it close to the ground I am not having as much of this issue. I'm not sure if it is user error but i have flown a DJI Phantom 3 and have not had this issue. Any insight is appreciated

  • Issue#76450: Radio Control - Devo7 rx701 binding / fixed is issue-help!

    We've had our quad for a few months now and twice it's lost it's fixedID binding and the aircraft just falls out of the sky, most recently damaging the camera. I can repeat the FixedID paring / binding and the motors all work again, but this is concerning and i'm wondering if you've seen this before? is it a problem with the transmitter or receiver?

  • Issue#78732: Radio Control - (Video inside) Issue with Rudder output of Turnigy 9x

    As in the video below. I have had the 9X for 2 years now. This is a TX issue as I tried it with other RXs and it is the same. The other channels seem to be fine and this issue seems to only affect the rudder (ch4). Any thoughts? I resoldered the gimbal inputs and the problem persists. You know how I can solve this? I am grounded until I do :mad::( Turnigy 9X rudder issue (0 min 27 sec)

  • Issue#81429: Radio Control - phantom 2 bind issue

    hi guys i got an odd question. i took my phantom 2 out for some fun flying. turned everything on as normal popper her up then decided to reset the compos to my new location. set her down did the DJI dance, powered everything down and turned everything back on. after that point i could not arm the motors. tried like 6 times and finally gave up. i always got to the 5 green fast flashes then a solid green. jumped on line and went threw the manual, and found out how to rebind the 2 together. poof she armed as normal. went back in and installed my new bestum areal prop guards and went back out for some more flying. again nothing. rebound her and poof she flew. to make a long story short i have to rebind here every time i turn her on. the DJI dance is if im correct is 5 cycles of the right switch. spin clockwise 1 revolution. yellow lights pick up with landing gear sticking away from me nose up. spin clockwise 1 revolution. green lights. what or where did i go wrong. was a cool day mid 40'

  • Issue#82906: Radio Control - Possible CPPM issue, need help

    Hello all, So I've been scratch building multirotors for just under a year now and while I am no expert whatsoever I have my fair share of fried electronics (learning experiences) and finalized projects. Been able to work through a lot of issues but on this one I am stumped...let me know your thoughts, please! I just built a FPVA Tweaker 180 with the following components: Naze32 Rev6 running BetaFlight 1.1.0, PDBw/5v Pololu, FrSky D4R-ii Rx, 2205 2300kv motors, 30a LittleBee ESC flashed with newest version of BLHeli via BLHeliBootloader OneShot enabled but no DampedLight, Taranis Tx, and more stuff that isn't pertinent to the issue. Issue: Flying Rate mode at low throttle values, such as spinning up motors on takeoff, the quad jumps around wildly. It is at this point that instead of a smooth spin-up the motors seem to jump to a higher throttle value than is being given to it via my taranis. It's like it's constantly sending variable throttle values to the board, ESCs and ultimately