Issue#794: Skype - Skype's not working

  • So, my Skype had been working for almost a year, but suddenly, it just stopped. I couldn't receive messages or get any calls. I've tried reinstalling, clearing my history, renaming my skype file and other stuff I found here. Help?

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  • Issue#812245: Skype - Skype Issue Group call not working

    Alright so I've been having this issue with skype recently were If im in a one on one call everything is fine, however once someone is added the conversation diapers but i'm still able to hear who ever is in the call , but I can't revise any messages also if a different person calls me and I answer i'm still able to hear and talk in the old call as-well as the new one. Would there be anyway of fixing this or has anyone been having the same issue?

  • Issue#1110343: Skype - skype issue; A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the

    Every time I login to skype it works for less than a minute then I get the following message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Anyone have a solution. Already tried reinstallation and still having the issue.

  • Issue#1158179: Skype - Skype has stopped working issue

    Hi, Faulting application name: Skype.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5786863a Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.3.9600.17415, time stamp: 0x54504ade Exception code: 0xc06d007e Fault offset: 0x00014598 Faulting process id: 0x1750 Faulting application start time: 0x01d20451c2bac580 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll Report Id: 10825df6-7045-11e6-82f5-001e37b618aa Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:  I am getting this error in my Error log when I open skype. Steps that i have done to fix it that didn't help are:installed latest build againinstalled nvidia driversdeleted temp filesrenamed the skype folder in %appdata% can't see how to upload dxdiag file when creating this post.  Anyone can help me solve this issue.This happened when I shutdown the system, and saw force close window of few applications, but I di

  • Issue#793: Skype - Video calling not working on any of my devices

    I have lost the ability to do video calls on my laptop, my droid phone, and my tablet.  My laptop says Skype cannot find the camera, and my droid phone lets me see the person I am talking to but does not video my end of the conversation.  My tablet also shows the camera with a line through it indicating it is not available.  Don't understand why it is a problem on all three devices.  Can anyone help? 

  • Issue#1034: Skype - Skype not Working for Windows 8

    Skype used  to be so easy to download but then here comes Windows 8 and its SO not letting me download SKYPE and driving me crazy. I need this badly. HELP. 

  • Issue#2213: Ubuntu - [ubuntu] Quickcam Chat not working on Skype 4.3 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit

    Hello everybody. I've run out of ideas on how to solve this problem. Can anybody help? Thanks and regards

  • Issue#6179: Skype - Skype 7.18 stops working as soon as I open it.

    There, Everything was fine, until today, when I installed the latest version of skype. After I rebooted my computer, I get a message that skype has stopped working. I open it again only to see the loading orbs freeze while I get the message again. I tried debuging skype, only to find exceptions at a certain value because of a certain MSVCR80.dll file. I tried looking for the problem here but all the solutions available didn't work for me. I tried installying 7.17 or 7.13 but the result was the same. I was going to add a dxdiag in a .zip file, but I'm getting an error when posting this: "The attachment's content type (application/x-download) does not match its file extension and has been removed."

  • Issue#7611: Skype - Chats not working? Check here

    There are various reasons why chats in Skype for Windows desktop might stop working. One of the most common ones we have seen recently is caused by your local "hosts" file being edited to block access to Skype servers. Background info: What is that hosts file? This file is used to map hostnames to IP addresses and can be used to re-direct traffic for (sub-)domains to certain IP addresses. This can be used for good (local network services, reducing external traffic) and bad (viruses, phishing) intentions.Read more in the wikipedia article You can find your hosts-file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Open this file in any text editor application and scan it for any lines containing "skype", "hotmail" or "". Known entries causing problems are:   NB: Depending on which tool created these entries the IP address

  • Issue#8815: Skype - Skype button - status not working

    I log on to Skype, there's no status bar in the upper left corner. It simply shows available. I should see several options, unavailable, offline, online, ect. How do I fix this?

  • Issue#9089: Skype - Downgrade to previous version - working link?

    Hello!  I upgraded to the newest version and now all of my chats are being kept as unread - highly annoying.  According to other threads, this is fixed by downgrading to the previous version of Skype.  However, all of the downgrade links I am finding take me to an error page saying the page has been deleted. What is the correct link?

  • Issue#9095: Skype - Skype 7.18 'stops working' after login

    Since the latest automatic update to Skype 7.18 the 'stopped working' message immediately appears after logging in and the program shuts down making it unusable.  I have only had Windows 10 for about 2 weeks and I sure Skype was ok before the latest update however I had only recently updated my motherboard drivers from the manufacturers site on advice from microsoft to address another issue.Since the problem started I have tried uninstalling/re-installing skype a number of times (which appeared to work first time but has now returned) and rolling back the audio driver that was updated recently from the motherboard manufacturer site. Neither have been successful.After browsing this community it appears the problem is rather widespread however have not yet been able to 'pinpoint' a specific fix as yet. Is there a permanent solution available? Or is there an older version I could try to see if that resolves the problem and eliminate the possiibility of the motherboard drive

  • Issue#10277: Skype - Group Chats not Working

    So this just happened today, as it was working perfectly fine yesterday.Whenever I try to add someone to the group chat, it will auto-end the call to them and they tell me that it doesn't show them added to the call.  I was added to a group chat by someone else to see if maybe it was just acting up for some reason and I get "Untitled Conversation" with apparently zero members in it, even though we're all in the call of the "Untitled Conversation."I uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows desktop client and it didn't seem to fix the issue.  I restarted Skype (exiting and reopening the application,) and this didn't work either.  I then tried restarting my computer thinking that the whole system may just need a reboot, didn't work either.Skype is a start-up program when I turn on my computer, so when it restarted it all the sudden placed me into the call, which had ended and I did not join, and then turned my computer's camera on.  I tried ending the call and it wouldn

  • Issue#10860: Skype - Link preview title issue

    So a friend just posted a link to an article titled "10 Signs You're [blah blah blah]" Skype Preview shows the title as "10 Signs You\'re [blah blah blah]" The apostrophe is "escaped". If you can't handle strings properly, how can you be trusted to handle our communcations?

  • Issue#11287: Skype - video message issue

    After recording a video message, I did a playback, to see how it sounds before I sent it and the playback  video, and sound had sped up where you couldn't understand it. How do I correct this?

  • Issue#11751: Skype - Skype not working

    Ive been using Skype to talk to my friends for the last year and yesterday it stopped working. It usually automatically opens but now it just says "Skype has stopped working" and it says everytime I try to open it again.

  • Issue#11764: Logitech - H800 Wireless Headset - on Windows 10 - not working with Skype but working fine otherwise

    Have just purchased Logitech H800 Wireless Headset. Install on my Asus N60J Note Book with OS Windows 10. Is working fine on everthing except Skype. On skype neither the audio or microphone work at all. It seems to be someing with Skype and Windows 10.  I have reinstalled drivers, downloaded and installed the latest Skype, but still have a problem. I previous had a Logitech headset with a hard wired USB connection. This was also on Windows 10. It worked occasionally going on and off. Not getting a continuous signal.  On that basis my retailed allowed me to change headsets to the H800. One ot the reasons was that it specifically mentioned Skype compatible on the packaging. As I have mentioned above this one does not work at all with Skype. I hope you can help me. Regards Jeremy Hooper (Perth Australia)

  • Issue#12967: Skype - sign in issue.

    I have a sign in issue. My password is correct however the Skype app is telling me it cannot be opened because I am already signed in and is asking me to sign out and try again? I have no idea on how to sign out as there is no choice.  

  • Issue#13194: Skype - New password not working

    I forgot my password for my microsoft sign in so have reset it but it still won't let me sign in. I've done this about 5 times now and still nothing! Anyone had the same problem?

  • Issue#13868: Skype - An ethical issue

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  • Issue#17396: Skype - Skype can't detect external webcam anymore.... Just stopped working!!!!!

    My external webcam which worked a week ago stopped working now, it works fine on other machine in skype , just it does not detect cam on skype in my machine. In device manager it shows the driver properly got installed, also window can detect it . I updated the driver, disabled and unabled it, nothing works. This external webcam has a built in mic which works fine in skype but no picture. My skype version is - My OS is win 7 ultimate and system type 32 bit OS. Attached a pdf file for diagnosis report, please see it.   Please advice  Thanks

  • Issue#17706: Lenovo - Built-in Microphone not working with Skype, Hangouts on - Yoga 3 Pro (Win 8)

    This is pretty annoying..The built-in microphone stooped from working with apps such as skype, hangouts and others.It works for "sound recording" app.I saw many threads about this issue, but none resolved yet.

  • Issue#18476: Skype - Skype group calling issue

    We already open case  case number is 1323339483 we are continously getting problem in skype group calling for last 10-15 days please look into this  Varen ChughIndus Valley Partners Noida, India  Email :- [e-mail removed for privacy and security]

  • Issue#19338: Skype - call and get called not working

    Having a skype phone since years it is no more working! can't make or get calls on all my 2 skype phones! These are oruginal skye phone bought on skype! Please help if it s not working i've to quit/end my skype subscription Michal

  • Issue#20223: Skype - Skype has stopped working

    Device Maker:  DellDevice Name:  Venue 8 Android tabletDevice Model:  Venue 8 3830Android OS version :  stock 4.4.2Network :  Wi-FiSkype client version installed: Error message:  Unfortunatly, Skype has stopped: I received a notification on my tablet that Skype has suddenly stopped working.  When I try to manually start the applications, I get the above error.  I have cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, cleared the download cache and files, re-installed the application with no luck. 

  • Issue#20226: Skype - skype desktop has not working for 1 month..

    Hi, my desktop skype shows me online but only show chats from 1 month ago .I use skype in my windows phone and by skype web in my desktopand both works perfect . but the app is not synchronizing for weeks and sontinues showing old messages. I unnistalled and installed skype several timesDesktop with win 10 last versionskype already checked host file but nothing foundWindows update is "updated" . I already checked directx inform as suggested in this forum but everything is ok Can anyone help me?Thanks  

  • Issue#20419: Skype - Not working

    Hi, am using iPhone 6 Plus with latest version of Skype installed. I signed up for Skype group calling and was sent an email today that the service is now available for people who had enrolled. i found a few participants who met the requirements. I treated a new chat group but can't see the video call button? what am I doing wrong?? skype name [e-mail removed for privacy and security]password: **************** 

  • Issue#20938: Skype - Auto signin stopped working after password change

    So, previously, I had a particular password for Skype and had it set up so that it would automatically sign in on startup. For personal reasons, I've recently had to change my password a few times. Ever since then, my Skype won't automatically sign me in. Whenever I open up Skype, I'm met with "Sorry, we didn't recognize your sign-in details. Please check your Skype Name and password, then try again." Which means it seems to still have the old password saved and is trying (and failing) to log in with that. However, there is no option for me to change or update my password. I still have my sign-in name saved, I can select that, but it doesn't pull up any password when I do. I have no issues signing in if I do it manually but it seems there's no way to get it to accept my new password and save it to sign in automatically. My sign in window has the seven icons which advertise Microsofts different services, under that is the message i posted above. Below that is a drop down which

  • Issue#20940: Skype - download newest version, not working

     Downloaded the newest version and now I cannot get on either the old or the new, all I get are Retry and a sad face.  Worked ok until I downloaded the new.  Just kept getting pop ups to download the the newest, which got tiring.  Let them know, got an email, but didn't want to take the code, when itdid, could never go any further.  Very. very fustrating/.    HELP.   I won't be able to talk to my daughter in England.  

  • Issue#21665: Skype - Notifications are not working in the new update

    Hi,Today I updated to the latest version ( and since then the notifications doesn't work.When someone in my contact list send to me a message, I can't see the notification.I use Skype for Desktop in WIndows 7 Pro.Can anyone hrlp me, please? Thanks.