Issue#851: Lenovo - Airplane Mode Will Not Turn Off So Can't Pair Phone With Aura

  • I have had my Horizon 2s for 3 days now.  I upgraded to Windows 10.  In trying to pair my phone with Aura, I discovered Airplane Mode is permanently on and thus blocking my luetooth connection.  I have scoured the internet and tried all the suggested fixes to no avail. 


    I am connected to the internet via w-fi (even though the icon is grayed out when I swipe from the right).  How do I get airplane mode to turn off or even permanently disable it?  I am ready to return this computer because of my frustrations.



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  • Issue#738849: Lenovo - Phone will not switch on radio/turn off airplane mode

    Hi hope somebody can help. My moto x play will not switch on radio to make calls.The airplane mode is off however when you try to make a call you get an on screen message saying airplane mode is on and the radio is off.I have powered off multiple times, removed sim, etcI have also done a factory resetHowever nothing changes and it seems to be stuck airplane modeThe top of the screen says no servicei have gone to a different area to see if problem with mobile phone reception and that makes no differenceWhen you go into sim satussevice status: voice radio off / Data radio offAny ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#205770: Lenovo - Win 10 WIFI Airplane mode issue

    Ok here's how this issue is affecting me: Lenovo Z50 AMD A10-7300 1.9Ghz Radeon R6, 8GB RAM - Laptop is 1yr oldAthereos Wifi Adapter AR956XWin 8.1 64 bit-> Win10 Home 64bit upgrade WIFI disconnects randomly, then All the networks I see are not the ones I'm registered in.When I try using the WIFI/Airplane Mode Buttons they grey on and off but all to no avail.No Proxies/VPN's configured on MachineSometimes I get connection while on airplane mode (like right now as I write this). Other times the WIFI gets reenabled and even thought I can see the networks I'm registered in If I try and switch WIFI network or manually click on the network to connect I get a cannot connect to this network error.As an added awkward issue I get several wifi connections of wich only one exists. (see picture:ECA_CLARO the real one and ECA_CLARO 2 the unexisting one)Tried all solutions found so far (all to no avail):Driver upgrade (MS Update, Laptop Manufacturer, Card Manufac

  • Issue#822861: Nokia Lumia windows phone: Why can't I turn off airplane mode

    Why can't I turn airplane mode off

  • Issue#30680: Lenovo - lenovo horizon ideacentre 27 pc mode video issue

    I am having trouble with my ideacentre 27. I went to turn on my computer one day and it says power saving mode and counts down 10 seconds and then the screen shuts off..i think it continues into booting up the pc, but theres nothing on the screen. When i plug my ps3 into the hdmi, it works just fine... I could use some advice on this please.

  • Issue#86309: Lenovo A6000: Phone won't accept charge/turn on

    So 2 days ago I accidentally fell asleep on the couch whist watching a video on youtube and I woke up and my phone was dead (drained batter) which was understandable so I put it on charge before I left for school and when I came home it still wouldn't turn on, the charging icon thing wasn't even on the screen. I checked every thing already. I tried turning it on by holding the power button for about a minute, I tried my charger (the original one that came with the phone) on my Mom's phone and it worked perfectly fine so I what I did was just let it rest for a few hours so before I went to sleep I charged it again, woke up in the morning still nothing. How do I fix it? Does this mean I have to change the batter pack or the charging slot? I also tried blowing on like the metal thing that connects the battery to the phone and did the same thing to the charging slot, even blotted it with some cotton thinking that maybe sand or moisture just went in.

  • Issue#93148: Spotify in Airplane Mode Issue

    Hi, I currently have a premium subscription for Spotify and a playlist of mine is checked for offline availability and every song is sycned in said playlist. Since I listen to Spotify in my car and at college, I tend to not have a celluar connection, so it uses my LTE... And I was recently billed for another 1GB of data (2-3 days ago) and the only app I used while on LTE was Spotify, which pains me a little. So, I tried to use Spotify in Airplane mode on my phone, the app took a good 30 seconds to load fully, was extremely slow from selecting a song to play (5-10 seconds after I clicked a song to play), and did not even play on my radio (a Sony radio i had installed). I do not know the issue as when I use Airplane mode when not in my car, the songs will play through my headphones/phone.

  • Issue#95076: Lenovo - Problem with receiving notifications only after turn on the phone

    Hi,I've Lenovo Vibe P1 (P1a42) with ROM version P1a42_S152_160126_ROW. I've problem with notifications when phone is sleeping. Only notifications from default applications arrieved continuously (calendar, SMS etc.) Notifications from other applications arrieved only when I turn power on. I've disabled double tap wake up function and allowed all applications in power manager settings to run on background (also in notification center). Phone is clear after hard reset.Thanks for helpMilan

  • Issue#99192: I put my phone on airplane mode which also changed my watch; when I changed ,

    Not sure if you answer on this site or I included my email. when I change my phone back the watch doesn't change, how do I get it to?? my email is [redacted]

  • Issue#163049: Lenovo - Airplane mode driver under W10 (U330/430 series)

    Hi, I have a U330p that came with W8, and was upgraded to 8.1, and currently W10 (under a clean re-install).When W10 came out, the Airplane button wasn't directly supported by the OS, so I reinstalled the older Lenovo Energy Management for 8.1, which other than the tool and it's interface, installs a service that makes that key work. Some time has passed, and I've noticed that currently for W10 Lenovo only offers the "Lenovo System Interface Foundation for Windows 10" as a download, and it seems that most funtions of the older Energy Management are now under the W10 Lenovo Settings Apps, which I don't have installed. My question is, on this family of models such as the U330/U330p, U430/U430p, by installing the LSIF (and complementing it with Lenovo Settings, to access the Conservation and USB charge modest that were previously on the Energy Management) the airplane key becomes operational again? Or is it still needed to have the older tool, because LSIF doesn't include t

  • Issue#200340: Lenovo - Y700 Airplane Mode Hotkey not working

    Hi I just recently got a Y700 laptop( Model: 80NW0010US ). Just recently the F5 Airplane Mode hot key has stopped working. It worked when I first received it a few days ago, and all of the other hotkeys are still working just fine. I can still turn airplane mode on/off through network settings, but I really want to fix the hotkey if possible. I've gone to Lenovo's support page and installed the following:-BIOS update-Energy_Manager_and_Flight_Mode_Driver None of the above helped in fixing the airplane mode hotkey. Thanks for looking and any help is much appreciated.

  • Issue#281929: Lenovo - lenovo vibe shot z90a40 airplane mode

    Hi,I need some help from Turkey. My phone is always at airplane mode and I can't close airplane mode. How can I solve this problem

  • Issue#297184: Lenovo - moto x play marshmallow 6.0 phone heating issue when we take photo from rear camera

    hi all, i observe heating issue when i click photos on my moto x play when photos are taken from rear gets too much heated up and the temperature is very high. any solution for this.

  • Issue#335848: Dell - Cannot Turn Off Airplane Mode

    Now, you state that "it tried connecting for a few minutes", could you kindly confirm if it did connect or not? Also, are you still on W8.1 or have you upgraded to W10 again?

  • Issue#353932: Lenovo Phone a536: Recovery mode appeared after Update

    My Lenovo a536 was updated using a public Wi-Fi connection. It didn't took so long to complete the download, after I restarted it, the android recovery mode appeared. I got stuck in it and cannot boot my phone anymore. Can I still fix my phone?

  • Issue#360102: Phone having problems switching to LTE without toggling airplane mode

    I'm on Sprint, and this is happening more and more as time goes on. It'll be on 3G, barely able to do anything, then I turn airplane mode on and then off. LTE shows up and I get good enough speeds to actually use YT. Is this an iPhone issue or a Sprint issue? I went to their troubleshooter in the app and it tells me to turn the entire phone off and on to deal with the issues. For the record, that does make it able to use LTE as well.

  • Issue#396680: ZTE 958: Airplane mode is stuck on how do I turn off

    How do I turn off airplane mode when I turn off my phone or reset my phone it automatically comes on and I have no service

  • Issue#402061: Lenovo - Windows taskbar freezes + Airplane mode

    I bought a Lenovo Toga 500 15inch series, but I have some problems with Windows 10. When I unplug or plug in my power adapter, my windows taskbar freezes and I am forced to restart my pc in order to use my taskbar again. Buttons like the windows logo and volume up or down doesn't work as well. Another problem is my wifi, I am connected with wifi but there's always the airplane icon instead of the wifi icon. This does not change even if I toggle between wifi and Airplane mode. Thank you

  • Issue#419909: Android - Can't turn off airplane mode!

    I don't know what I've done but my phone is in airplane mode and when I hold down the power button and select it to make my phone normal again nothing happens. I need to get in contact with someone as I'm worried about their safety so this is a complete disaster. I just don't know what to do... Can't turn off airplane mode!

  • Issue#443241: Lenovo - Moto G 1st gen stuck in airplane mode

    My phone was receiving a google update, and shortly after that, it was stuck in airplane mode. I did a factory reset and charged the battery to 100%. Removed and installed sim card. I can't receive or send calls nor use the internet over the phone. I took it back to cricket they were just as perplexed as me.

  • Issue#444695: Lenovo - Phone hang issue after marshmellow update.

    After updating to marshmellow my phone hangs a lot and sometimes it freezes while switching between apps. I  am using same amount of apps i did on lollipop. Free ram always less than 100mb. It has increasd the battery life but hanging a lot. Already did factory reset. Anyone has same issues what should i do.

  • Issue#479736: Lenovo - Yoga 900 issue: the power port cannot read flash drive or charge my phone

    Hi all: This is my first time here and I really need help with this issue. I know that the power port for yoga 900 is a combination AC power / USB 2.0 port. When I bought it I can successfully use that port to read flash drives and charge my phone. Recently it cannot support USB function (cannot read flash drive or charge my phone). I am pretty sure it is not a hardware issue becasue this problem occurred after I adjusted some settings to resolve another problem (the laptop will wake up several minutes after I enter sleep mode). It is likely that some changes I made caused this problem, but I really cannot remember exactly what I did  I tried many options to fix this problem but none of them work. I tried to use device manager and registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR) but it didn't help. It seems that the solutions I found online only apply to a standard USB port, not a combination of power and USB port that my Yoga 900 has.&nb

  • Issue#482526: Lenovo Phone s60-a: Wont turn on. Wont charge, grounded

    Help ... My lenovo wont turn on Just a second flashing red led when I plug charger after that its dead... no reactions. Help I think its grounded ⟐ Answered April 18, 2016 at 6:41 am -0700

  • Issue#483411: Lenovo - Yoga 500 doesnt detect tablet mode and when it does it doesnt turn back

    I've bought a new lenovo yoga 500 but first it didn't turn my keyboard off, after  a while it turned of but dind't turn on again. After several reboots it turned back on again. This happened 2 times.

  • Issue#491605: Lenovo - K4 Note Ear Speaker Issue in New Phone

    Just 2 days ago, I bought Lenovo K4 Note from, If someone calls me or if I make call, I can't hear voice of caller. I have to turn on loud speaker to hear voice. Software is updated. I used Lenovo self Dignose software and it can play sound through Headset speaker. I downloaded an app to check internal speakers and it is also able to play both ear speaker and loud speaker. I believe that it's software bug or some file missing or deleted. Please help.

  • Issue#499935: Lenovo - phone won't turn back on

    i bought my first ever smart phone 6 months ago.  the moto g first gen looked like a good buy.  after about two months the phone would not turn on.  all fixes failed.  got the phone replaced.  i now have had the replacement phone about two months and it won't turn on.  it has been charged faithfully and was at full charge when i went to bed last night.  this morning...nothing.  i have tried the reboot option, am trying another one now.  but thinking i may have to take the loss on this phone and buy something else.  thoughts?

  • Issue#541188: Lenovo - Lenovo Y50-70 BIOS UPDATE (CPU Sleep mode issue)

    Hello, Lenovo team Can you please, add to your next BIOS update for Lenovo Y50-70 a fix, that my laptop won't lose CPU speed after i return my laptop from sleep mode. Right now i'm using BIOS version (3.03) There is no other way to fix this issue, only you can do it with a BIOS update for that model of laptop. Thank you.

  • Issue#563847: Lenovo - P70 Airplane mode shuts off AC adapter

    When I put my P70 into airplane mode through Windows 10, it stops accepting power from the AC adapter and runs off of battery. Is this normal? I don't see anything in Windows help or forums to indicate this is normal activity. As soon as I take it out of airplane mode, it starts running off the AC adapter again. I'm running the latest P70 BIOS (2.00)

  • Issue#582287: Lenovo - F7 Function Key airplane mode doesn't works in Lenovo Z70

    I update my lenovo Z70-80 to windows 10 and the F7 Function Key Airplane Mode doesn't work. In past I had installed Windows 8.1 but my original S.O was 8 by factory default and when I update it to Win 8.1 the funtionality of this F7 Funtion key I did not care. But now when I recently update it to W10 I remember that this F7 Fn key doesn't works. I was looking for an inmediate solution by web and I tried with diferent options and nothing. I used this options I attach a couple of pictures about system properties where is posible to see some diferences between W8 and W10. I can see special devices called like: Lenovo Pointing DeviceLenovo Virtual Keyboard DeviceDDP UMDF driver and more that in Win 10 is imposible to see installed. I

  • Issue#590425: Lenovo Phone A319: Why does my phone wont turn on?

    my phone, "Lenovo A319" wont turn on . even if I press the power on button for long period of time, it still wont turn on, what should I do? I tried charging it, the charging symbol pops out, but then its not moving... then I tried pressing the power on button, while charging,''' it just wont turn on... what should I do? please help me! the battery is low when I go to sleep, I decided to charge it at morning, then it happen it wont open....