Issue#8683: Fairphone - Possible to replace motherboard of FP1 with FP1U?

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    i habe an FP1 and my usb slot is broken, so i want to replace the motherboard. But there is no motherboard for FP1 available here. So can i replace it with the motherboard of FP1U?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#475772: Fairphone - FP1U touchscreen compatible with FP1 motherboard?

    @theronschmidt wrote: My FP1U suffered water damage and is not working. I am trying to troubleshoot whether it is possible to repair it, and which components are not working.My friend has an FP1. I tried replacing the motherboard on my FP1U with her FP1 motherboard. The display turns on as normal but the touchscreen is not responsive.I know from a previous post ( that the FP1U motherboard should work with an older FP1 display, but what about the reverse? Should the FP1U touchscreen work with an older FP1 motherboard? If yes, then I have a problem with both my motherboard and display. But if not, then maybe the problem is only with my motherboard. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#847139: Fairphone - Motherboard FP1 wanted!

    @Roosmarie_Ruigrok wrote: As my first edition phone felt down the motherboard is broken but not available in the shop anymore. Does anyone want to sell this part to me? Great Thanks! Roosmarie Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#10957: Fairphone - FP1 pattern unlock screen not working - pattern breaks at central dot

    @MIFW wrote: Hello, All advice gratefully received! My FP1 froze earlier and after a while I turned it off. When I tried to turn it back on again, I found that the pattern lock screen is not working. Specifically, when I pass my finger over or near the central dot it breaks the green line that highlights the pattern and it triggers the 'wrong pattern' message. It is not possible to enter my pattern without going near the central dot. The screen is clean, I have not dropped or otherwise mistreated the phone and there is no visible damage to the screen. I don't think the touchscreen itself is broken because if I open the camera app from the lock screen then I can get it to focus by tapping the screen, even in the area where the problematic middle dot of the lock screen is. I can receive calls. I have tried turning it off and on again a couple of times and taking the battery out for a few seconds. Any suggestions as to what else I could try will be very gratefully received. Than

  • Issue#14541: Xbox One Wireless Controller: How to Replace the Battery Contacts on the Top Motherboard

    When putting battery packs into the controller it is easy to bend the battery contacts that are attached to the controller's top motherboard. Two bends and these contacts will snap. Depending on where the contact breaks, standard batteries will continue to work, but the play & charge kit battery pack has very small battery contact points. As a result, the play & charge battery pack will not charge/work. Has anyone ever replaced battery contacts like those connected to the controller's top motherboard? Finding replacements is easy enough, but working with circuit boards is something I haven't done since college.

  • Issue#23136: Notebook - Sager Laptop Replace Battery and Speak Issue Cost?

    I bought a laptop last year from Xoticpc. I bought an asus many years ago from them as well that was very good. My xoticpc first worked great the first 2 months i recalled. Then after that, my laptop had issues with the battery where it said you need to replace the battery so basically i have to have it plugged in 100 percent of the time no matter what. Thing is i can't just take the battery out and put it back in b/c my sager laptop has a lot of screws and it is very hard to unscrew it... Sager Laptop Replace Battery and Speak Issue Cost?

  • Issue#23162: PlayStation 4: Replace Motherboard With Exchange

    Do you offer a discount when purchasing a PS4 motherboard with an exchange? The exchange motherboard is working, just has a bad HDMI port.

  • Issue#32188: Fairphone - FP1 wifi app reacting in super slow motion

    @surfling wrote: hey everyone, i've been happily using my FP1 (very first edition) since it came out, have regularly updated the software and never had any major problems. but for some months now the wifi app is reacting extremely slow whe i open it; choosing a hotspot, entering passwords etc all goes VERY slow to the point you think it might be frozen. any ideas how to solve this?is there a way to reinstall simply and only the wifi app? thanks for your help! Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#55326: iPhone 5s: How can I replace the motherboard of my iPhone 5s?

    My iPhone 5s died on me and it's the motherboard. How can i change it? or where should I go to have it changed? i bought it of ebay thinking it's a easy battery fix. well... it wasn't. Apple doesn't what to replace the phone because the find my iPhone app is still on in the device. Any suggestions? ⟐ Answered February 3, 2016 at 4:16 am -0700

  • Issue#57511: iPhone 5c: Tough screen not working, possible motherboard issue

    I have replaced the lcd/screen on my iPhone 5c as the touch screen wasn't working. However the Screen still doesn't respond. I tried a second screen but still no luck. I am now wondering if the fault could lie with the motherboard and that the motherboard has failed? I'm hoping this is not the case but any ideas would be greatly received. ⟐ Answered February 3, 2016 at 11:16 am -0700

  • Issue#59721: Sony Vaio Pro 13: How to replace the Motherboard on Sony Vaio Pro 13 SVP13213CXB?

    Hi, I recently spilled some water on my Sony Vaio Pro 13 SVP13213CXB and fried the ssd + connector on the motherboard so I want to replace the whole motherboard + ssd. I've opened the laptop before but never tried to completely remove the motherboard myself. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have a guide or instructions for how to replace it? Thanks, Dragos

  • Issue#61005: Fairphone - Is FP1 vurnable by MediaTek-Bug?

    @langhaarschneider wrote: Hi, i just read in a german IT-Online-Magazine that there are problems with "cheap chinese Android phones" with MediaTek-Chipset: would be possible for app to gain root-access.AFAIK the FP1 uses a MediaTek chipset - so i wanted to ask: Does anybody know if FP1 is vurnable for this Bug? Greetings, Jonathan Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#62709: Fairphone - FP2: Sync Issue with MS Exchange (contacts)

    @KleinerAdmin wrote: My Exchange account on FP2 in general works: mails, calendar and contacts sync fine. But entering or changing a birthday entry in the Android contacts app prevents syncing contacts with Exchange any more. Syncing works again if the birthday entry is dropped in FP2. If birthday entries are entered or changed in my Office Outlook or Outlook Web Access, these changes are successfully synced with my FP2. Searching the web gives a highly interesting result (androidcentral). In short, an internal format mismatch of the Androids date is most likely the reason my Exchange 2013 server rejects this sync request. I created Exchange server-side logs and found the following error message in the sync-log: SyncCommand_ConvertRequestsAndApply_Change_AcceptClientChange_Exception : Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.AirSyncPermanentException bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.AirSync.AirSyncUtcDateTimeProperty.get_DateTime() bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.

  • Issue#74316: Fairphone - Help! Can't accesss WhatsApp backup (emultated storage on encrypted FP1)

    @glotzbach wrote: Hi all, I bought the new FP2 and now I want to migrate my data from my FP1 to the new device. I'm now stuck with moving my WhatsApp backup however Trying to back-up via Google Drive gives an error message as well: it says 'can't complete back-up. Check your phone's internet connection' (while my wifi is working just fine and there's enough space in my google drive folder) I preferred local back-up anyways, but that also doesn't work: In the past I did the update provided by FP to 'merge' 'internal' and 'external' memory. At some point I also encrypted my phone. I created local backups via whatsapp, but a) don't know where they're stored and b) can't find them from my computer (Ubuntu terminal). I think previously (before the encryption) I was able to access the emulated storage, but from my laptop storage/emulated/0 is empty (except a folder called 'updater') my disk usage app displays the following folder path: memory card > media > WhatsApp > Data

  • Issue#81766: Ram and motherboard issue

    Happy New Year, I just built a new PC and have two questions. Motherboard When I was pulling out my graphics card, I didn't realize there was a release catch. I used a degree of strength to pull it out before I noticed the release catch. Did I spoilt/damage my motherboard? How would I know if I did. It boots up normally, registers my gpu and runs fine. Are there any programmes I could run to test my motherboard? Ram When I was playing cs I had an error regarding mismatched pak file. I also need to install directx everytime I start cs. Then were instances where I had frame freezes, which shldnt be happening as I'm running 4790k with 980ti and 16 gb of ram. I googled the pak issue and faulty rams and hdd were suggested as potential issues. I ran windows diagnostic tool which detected a hardware issue. I then ran the test on my two sticks of rams in single config, which detected hardware issue on both sticks both times. Can I conclude that my rams are faulty? I ran a hdd test on my

  • Issue#93249: Hardware - EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid SLI issue after custom loop upgrade and motherboard swap

    What started out as a plan to install a small custom loop to replace my Corsair H110i GT turned into a much bigger project when I decided to incorporate my EVGA 980 Ti Hybrids into the loop as well. I switched from an Asus x99 Deluxe to an Asus Rampage V Extreme, both of which are the USB 3.1 variant. Aside from a motherboard, power supply, case and cooling upgrade, everything else is the same. All said and done, it turned out fantastic with the exception of performance in SLI. When I test/bench the 980 Ti's individually, they perform notably better than they did with the old Hybrid coolers and run much cooler. When I test/bench them in SLI they don't come close to what I achieved in SLI with the stock EVGA Hybrid coolers. There seems to be a bottleneck somewhere as the cards in SLI are holding their overclock nicely, but I get the same scores at stock speeds and overclocked. When I run tests with the cards configured individually, an overclock results in a substantial improvement.

  • Issue#95562: Fairphone - FP1 - crash during phone call with bluetooth headphones

    @H0w4rd wrote: It happens sometimes, that my phone restarts in 5 seconds of a phone call while using bluetooth headphones.I use this: Arctic P311Version 1.8.7Am I the only one? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#101357: Fairphone - Software Future FP1/FP2

    @Elipsus wrote: Hya !Here we are ! The storm has "almost" passed as all pre-orders have been delivered, i think that also most of the production problem were solved, ramp up seems finished, there it is ! The FairPhone 2 have matured a bit , and now 17 000 personns around the UE are using it every day !There is now something like 80 000 FairPhone in the wild, and i was wondering : What's next for software ?Here is my questions, i have noticed for the FP1 buglist is still quite large, and that the FP2 buglist now have a respectable size , so, basically, when software updates will arrive ? I know that the software team is small, and i don't except precises date, but i would like to have a rough estimation, like "Q3 2016" for both FairphonesAlso, there is tons of things that remain obscure, when pre-compiled OSFPOS will arrive ? Plans for SailFish OS ? Firefox OS (even if it seems stopped now) ? So, i think it would be nice to have a blog post about it in the coming weeks so we know wh

  • Issue#114570: Fairphone - Smartwatch for FP1

    @Jon_Schaider wrote: Hi I was thinking about buying a smartwatch for my FP1. The Sony Smartwatch 2 seems to be an option as it works with Android 4.0. Has anyone used a Sony SW2? If not could anyone recommend a smartwatch to use with the FP1? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#120752: HP - Pavilion g7 Motherboard Swap Issue

    Hello everyone,I was recently told by a local computer shop that the motherboard in my Pavilion g7 was shot and I would need a new one. From what I read online, I was under the impression that, if it was an identical component, I could just swap the parts out and the hard drive would recognize the new hardware. I installed a new (identical) CPU and (identical) Motherboard and now, although things are working much better, it still seems kind of clunky. I tried to reinstall windows 7 with my old system restore disks, but it's saying I can't use them with the new mother board, and I don't have a windows 7 disc. Is there any way I can do a clean install of windows 7, so that everything runs smooth, without buying a disc? Thanks to anyone who posts in advance!

  • Issue#130978: Microsoft Surface: Replace 32GB motherboard with 64GB on Surface RT

    Is it possible to replace the 32GB motherboard with the 64GB version? ⟐ Answered February 16, 2016 at 3:38 pm -0700

  • Issue#134728: Fairphone - FP1 replacement battery has higher capacity

    @manu26 wrote: I just received my new FP1 battery from the FP shop and was pleased to see that the capacity was increased by ~7.8 %. Old: 2000 mAh @ 3.7 V = 7.4 WhNew: 2100 mAh @ 3.8 V = 7.98 Wh I don't know when this new battery was introduced and whether it was already in the FP1(U) since I have the First Edition.Maybe this information is useful to some of you. Left: Old FP1 first edition battery. Right: new FP1/U replacement battery ordered from FP shop in Feb 2016 Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#152073: Fairphone - Transfer data from FP1 to FP2 using a SD-card

    @seefanna wrote: Hi there, my new Fairphone 2 just arrived. Now I want to tranfer my data (app data and personal data like contacts, images etc.) from my "old" Fairphone 1 to the new one. I've spent more than an hour searching this forum for this topic, but the only advise I found was to use GoogleDrive or some apps. But the thing is: I've already made a backup on my FP1 through the standard app "Backup and Restore" to my SD-card. Seems this app doesn't exist in the new FP2 anymore? o_OAnyway, now I already have all my data on my SD-card, in the FP2. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to open this backup. Amaze isn't able to open the backup-files. I can't imagine that there's no easier/faster way to get my data than to install another app or upload my data to Google or any cloud? Now that it's already on my SD-card! I don't want to upload it anywhere for data security/privacy reasons. Hope, you can help me with that! Cheers,Anna Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#174511: Fairphone - My FP1U doesn't work!

    @cristina1 wrote: Suddenly my Fairphone no longer works. All applications (including Firefox) crash, almost always during the calls the screen goes black and back to work only by pressing the on/off button for several seconds .If you restart the phone, it spends several minutes before working.The keyboard does not respond to commands, as well as the screen .What can I do? Is there a solution or do I throw it up? It has only 1 year and a half , it is a Fairphone 1U, it never fells and was always held up very well .I have kaspersky as antivirus .Thanks for your help and sorry for my English. Cristina Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#174683: Lenovo - B50-30 - After motherboard replace: Boot fail; because not finding PXE over EFI IPV4

    After motherboard replace: Boot fail; because not finding PXE over EFI IPV4 History: After 4 months from purchase: my B50-30 stopped suddenly. The only response is the power led at power up/down. The agent replaced the motherboard. The Problem: I- When I powered it on (without DVD or Internet), just after receival from the agent: It displays black screen followed by Lenovo logo followed by dash at the top left corner. Then Blue box saying:                                     Harddisk Security SATA Port 0                 ST500LT012-1DG142       Lock   The only response accepted is to hit Enter. When I do: another blue box displays:   Please input password for ST500LT012-1DG142   Note: If I re

  • Issue#195174: Fairphone - Testing microG (on a FP1, unofficial 4.4.4 build)

    @fp1_wo_sw_updates wrote: I'm just trying to test microG to better understand what it can do. The app "microG Settings" (Section: Selfcheck) tells me to use GmsCore I need "signature spoofing". So I installed xposed (never used it much before) and the FakeGapps module, but microG's Selfcheck still tells me I'm missing something. Any hints/ideas? Currently installed are:Xposed Framework: app_process/XposedBridge.jarXposed Modules: FakeGapps [Provided by f-droid/git-hub]GmsCore.apkGsfProxy.apk FakeStore.apk Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#196005: Lenovo - Levovo Y50 no power (Replace Motherboard)

    So my lenovo suddenly shutdown after i upgrade my nvidia driver and it wont start at all even when i charge it no led light appear so i send it to technician and said the motherboard is busted but it cost like 600dollar so im asking if anyone know a trusted site to buy a motherbboard from it or trusted sellar i live in iraq so in my country there is no one sell those here i saw in site that they cost 140-200 but the one that cost 200 is used so im confused about how much does the motherboard cost  thanks

  • Issue#199964: Fairphone - Experience with FP1 in New Zealand

    @Heye_Heegardt wrote: I am on holiday in New Zealand and was looking forward to use my German fairphone overseas. I chose a prepaid SIM card from the national carrier Telecom New Zealand, who currently uses the name Spark. They are supposed to offer the best coverage.Nevertheless I experienced no connection at all as soon as I left denser populated areas.After some research I discovered that the Spark mobile network is completely build on 3G technology. Old services like voice and SMS are provided via 3G data protocol.Obviously the 3G data module inside the FP1 is not of the best quality. As soon as I am outside of reach in terms of data connection I loose all other services as well.The second mobile network in New Zealand is operated by Vodafone. They still employ the old technology parallel to 3G technology. I bought another SIM card of the alternative mobile service provider 2degrees, who beside its own fully equipped but yet low coverage network makes use of Vodafone's network.

  • Issue#204278: Fairphone - FP1 interal battery - impacts? clock resets

    @werner_noebauer wrote: Hi, recently my FP1U "forgets" the actual time and date if I take out the battery.It looks like that the internal battery on the FP Mainboard is not funcional anymore: Clock resets when I take the battery out FP1 Help Now that's strange: if I take out the battery, my phone resets to August 2013. I have to go to the settings and set the time manually. I noticed I had to set the time and date every time when I took out the battery since my phone was serviced by FP/ (parts of the display were not reacting), but in all instances, I took out the battery for quite a while. I just assumed the capacitor ran out of juice. But now, I took out the battery just for a moment - and it also happened. Am I missing some… As the internal battery is fixed to the Mainboard: As far as I noticed only the clock resets. Are there other impacts if the internal battery is empty? Does anyone know if

  • Issue#204499: Fairphone - TTS Text to Speach engine any alternatives to replace Google App?

    @vowi wrote: Somebody know a good TTS engine for german to replace the on on FP2? Because when I deactivate the Google App there is no audible routing in OSMand possible.Thanks in advance Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic